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Air and Climate Change Research

John Kinsey

John Kinseyis an environmental scientist in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Emissions Characterization and Prevention Branch (ECPB). Mr. Kinsey has a B.S. in Biology/Physical Science from Central Missouri State University.

Research Area
He also certified as a Qualified Environmental Professional by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice. His 30 years of experience includes the characterization and control of fine particulate matter (PM) emissions with employment in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Kinsey's current research interests include the characterization of the PM emissions from diesel trucks, residential wood combustion, and the fugitive dust emissions from construction activities. He has also recently completed a major research effort to determine the mercury emissions from chlor-alkali plant cell buildings.

Contact Information
John Kinsey (kinsey.john@epa.gov)

Selected Publications

  • Hagler, G. S. W., R. Baldauf, E. Thoma, T. Long, R. Snow, J. Kinsey, L. Oudejans and B. Gullett. (2009). “Spatial Gradient and Correlative Characteristics of Ultrafine Particulate Matter Measured During the Raleigh Near-Road Study.” Atmospheric Environment, 43: 1229-1234.
  • Kinsey, J. S., D. C. Williams, Y. Dong and R. Logan. (2007). “Characterization of the Fine Particle and Gaseous Emissions during School Bus Idling.” Environmental Science and Technology, 42(14): 4972-4979.
  • Kinsey, J. S., W. A. Mitchell, W. C. Squier, A. Wong, C. D. Williams, R. Logan and P. H. Kariher. (2006). “Development of a New Mobile Laboratory for Characterization of the Fine Particulate Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks.” Journal of Automobile Engineering, D3, 220: 335-345.
  • Kinsey, J. S., W. A. Mitchell, W. C. Squier, K. Linna, F. G. King, R. Logan, Y. Dong, G. J. Thompson and N. N. Clark. (2006). “Evaluation of Methods for the Determination of Diesel-Generated Fine Particulate Matter: Physical Characterization Results.” Journal of Aerosol Science, 37: 63-87.
  • Kinsey, J. S., K. J. Linna, W. C. Squier, G. E. Muleski, and C. Cowherd, Jr. (2004). "A Characterization of the Fugitive PM2.5 Emissions from Construction Mud/Dirt Carryout." Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, 54: 1394-1404.
  • Dong, Y., M. D. Hays, N. Dean Smith and J. S. Kinsey. (2004). “Inverting Cascade Impactor Data for Size-Resolved Characterization of Fine Particulate Source Emissions.” Aerosol Science, 35: 1497-1512.
  • Kinsey, J. S., J. Swift and J. Bursey. (2004). "A Characterization of Fugitive Mercury Emissions from the Cell Building at a U. S. Chlor-Alkali Plant." Atmospheric Environment, 38(4): 623-631.
  • Kinsey, J. S., F. R. Anscombe, S. E. Lindberg, and G. R. Southworth. (2004). "A Characterization of the Fugitive Mercury Emissions at a Chlor-Alkali Plant: Overall Study Design." Atmospheric Environment, 38(4): 633-641.
  • Hays, M. D., N. D. Smith, J. S. Kinsey, Y. Dong and P. Kariher. (2003). "A Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Size Distributions in Aerosols from Appliances of Residential Wood Combustion as Determined by Direct Thermal Desorption - GC/MS." Aerosol Science, 34: 1061-1084.
  • Brown, J. E., F. G. King, W. A. Mitchell, W. C. Squier, D. B. Harris and J. S. Kinsey. (2000). "An On-Road Facility to Measure and Characterize Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks." Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, 52: 388-395.
  • Longest, P. W., C. Kleinstreuer and J. S. Kinsey. (2002). "A Turbulent Three-Dimensional Air Flow and Trace Gas Distribution in a Human Inhalation Test Chamber." ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 122: 403-411.

Professional Societies

  • Air and Waste Management Association
  • American Association for Aerosol Research
  • Society of Automotive Engineers

Selected Awards and Honors

  • EPA Bronze Medal:  Near Roadway Research Team (2008)
  • EPA-NRMRL Award for Leadership in the Environmental Research Community (2006)
  • EPA Science and Technology Achievement Award, Level II (2005)
  • EPA Bronze Medal:  Exceptional Leadership in the Development of a Standard PM Test Methodfor Commercial Aircraft Engines (2005)
  • EPA Bronze Medal, Strong Science in Agency Decisions (2004)
  • Institute of Professional Environmental Practice: Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) (1994-present)
  • U. S. Patents: 
    • Apparatus for Smoke Suppression (1988)
    • Apparatus to Produce Charged Fog (1989)

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