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Air and Climate Change Research

Mark Mason

Mark Masonis an environmental scientist in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Indoor Environment Management Branch (IEMB). Mark has been involved in environmental research since receiving a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) degree from Oregon State University.

Research Area
Mark Mason's current research focuses are on investigation of the interactions of ozone and volatile organic compounds in indoor environments and investigation of the transport and fate of semivolatile compounds, such as pesticides, in the indoor environment. He has been involved in the development of technologies and methods to characterize sources of indoor air contaminants for the past 15 years. Research activities include development and validation of small chamber technologies and test methods, characterization of organic emissions from sources, design and construction of large environmental test chambers, investigation of source management strategies used in the design and construction of large buildings, investigation of ozone/volatile organic compound (VOC) interactions in indoor environments, and development and evaluation of biological methods of source emissions characterization.

Contact Information
Mark Mason (mason.mark@epa.gov)

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