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Ann Keeley

Contact Information

Ann Keeley, Branch Chief

Phone: 580-436-8890

Dr. Keeley is a Research Microbiologist in GWERD’s Subsurface Remediation Branch. She has a B.S. in Health with emphasis in clinical microbiology, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology from Mississippi State University. Her research area is combined treatment technologies.

Dr. Keeley focuses her research on examining the impact of subsurface microorganisms in natural or enhanced remedial systems as the sole remedy or in combination with other treatment technologies. A major component of her research is the development or modification of sampling and analysis methods by using molecular and genomic tools to characterize microbial communities in various matrices in order to better understand the physicochemical processes controlling their activities, mobility, and survival.

Specifically, her field and laboratory research areas of interest includes:

Selected Publications

Keeley, A. and B.R. Faulkner. (2008). “Influence of Land Use and Watershed Characteristics on Protozoa Contamination in a Potential Drinking Water Resources Reservoir.” Water Research J., 42: 2803–2813.

Azadpour-Keeley, A. and M.J. Barcelona. (2006). “Design of a MTBE Remediation Technology Evaluation.” Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation J., 26, 2: 103–113.

Azadpour-Keeley, A. (2005). “Microbial Field Sampling and Instrumentation in Assessment of Soil and Ground Water Pollution.” Chapter 32 in Environmental Instrumentation and Analysis Handbook. Edited by R.D. Down. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, New York, pp. 701–734.

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