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Applied Research and Technical Support Branch

The Applied Research and Technical Support Branch is responsible for communicating and applying GWERD's technical expertise to EPA issues in all areas of environmental science. The primary focus is on assessing remediation strategies at Superfund, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and other contaminated sites, and on providing assistance in implementation of remediation technologies and input to EPA policy issues for the Regional and Program Offices.  
Contact Information

David Jewett
Acting Branch Chief
Phone number 580-436-8560
FAX 580-436-8703

Federal Staff
Name Title
Steven Acree Hydrologist
David Burden Hydrologist
Eva Davis Hydrologist
Mary Gonsoulin Microbiologist
Kristie Hargrove Physical Science Technician
Junqi Huang Hydrologist
Scott Huling Environmental Engineer
David Jewett Acting Branch Chief
Eric Jorgensen Ecologist
Ralph Ludwig Environmental Scientist
Randall Ross Hydrologist


Research Topics

Decision-Support Systems
Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids and Flux-Based Site Management
Gas and Vapor Intrusion
Geologic Sequestration of Carbon
In Situ Chemical Oxidation
In Situ Chemical Reduction
Thermal Remediation
Water Quality and Availability

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