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Cherri Adair

Contact Information

Cherri Adair, Environmental Scientist

Phone: 580-436-8969

Ms. Adair is an Environmental Scientist in GWERD’s Subsurface Remediation Branch. She has a B.S. in Biology from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. Her research areas are monitored natural attenuation, fuel oxygenates, and biofuels.

Ms. Adair has conducted field and microcosm studies to determine the biological fate of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes (BTEX compounds), methyl tertiary butyl ethylene, tertiary butyl alcohol, ethanol, other fuel oxygenates, and chlorinated solvents in contaminated aquifers.

Currently, Ms. Adair is conducting microcosm studies to determine the biological fate of biodiesel and other proposed renewable fuel sources in groundwater. She is also adapting a Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon method based on the infrared absorbance of fuel components to determine the concentration of total biodiesel in aquifer sediment.

Selected Publications

Mackay, D., N. De Sieyes, M. Einarson, K. Feris, A. Pappas, I. Wood, L. Jacobson, L. Justice, M. Noske, J.T. Wilson, C. Adair, and K. Scow. (2007). “Impact of Ethanol on the Natural Attenuation of MTBE in a Normally Sulfate-Reducing Aquifer.” Environmental Science and Technology, 41, 6: 2015–2021.

Wilson, J.T. and C. Adair. Monitored Natural Attenuation of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (TBA) in Ground Water at Gasoline Spill Sites (EPA/600/R-07/100) October 2007 – Abstract

Wilson, J.T., P.M. Kaiser, and C. Adair. Monitored Natural Attenuation of MTBE as a Risk Management Option at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites (PDF) (89 pp, 4.85 MB) (EPA/600/R-04/179) January 2005 – Abstract

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