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David S. Burden

Contact Information

David S. Burden, Hydrologist

Phone: 580-436-8606

Dr. Burden is a Hydrologist in GWERD's Applied Research and Technical Support Branch and serves as director of GWERD's Technical Support Center. He a B.S. in Biology from Harding University, an M.S. in Soil Physics from Louisiana State University, and a Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry from Louisiana State University.

Dr. Burden’s research area is decision-support systems. As GWERD's Technical Support Center Director, Dr. Burden coordinates a multi-disciplinary Technology Support team, which demonstrates the most recent EPA technology for groundwater protection and restoration. Dr. Burden serves as a branch and EPA representative to plan, develop, review, evaluate, and directly participate in technical assistance and research projects using state-of-the-science groundwater remediation technology. He assists in research projects associated with the processes that influence the transport, transformation, and control of pollutants entering the subsurface environment. In addition, Dr. Burden is co-director of EPA's Center for Subsurface Modeling Support and manager of Geographic Information System. The Center for Subsurface Modeling Support is EPA’s focal point for groundwater and vadose zone model distribution, technical support, application reviews, education, and development.

Dr. Burden's research interests include the application and integration of groundwater flow models, geographic information systems, and decision-support systems. Dr. Burden is a coprincipal investigator on two ecosystem restoration projects that involve these research interests. One project involves studying the system assimilative capacity of a lake ecosystem; the second project focuses on the groundwater/surface water interactions of constructed wetlands. The results of this research will aid in the development of tools that can serve as models for future development and implementation on a broad scale.

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