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Ecosystem and Subsurface Protection Branch

The Ecosystem and Subsurface Protection Branch conducts research in assessing potential impacts of human-made and natural processes (physical, chemical, and biological) on aquatic (surface and subsurface) and terrestrial systems, and ecosystems. The goal is to develop strategies for mitigation of these impacts on receptor environments. The focus is not on groundwater only, but on surface water systems and contaminant transport through surface/groundwater interactions. Attainment of the goal is through remediation of anthropogenic stressors through ecosystem restoration alternatives to promote the longterm viability and sustainability of the nation's natural resources.  
Contact Information

Dr. Ann Keeley, Branch Chief

Phone: 580-436-8890

Federal Staff
Name Title
Lynda Callaway Chemist
Tim Canfield Ecologist
Barton Faulkner Hydrologist
Ken Forshay Ecologist
Stephen Hutchins Environmental Scientist
Ann Keeley Branch Chief
Dennis Miller Chemical Engineer
Mark White Environmental Scientist


Research Topics

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Decision-Support Systems
Nitrogen Management
Riparian Zone and Stream Restoration
Watershed Management
Wetland Restoration

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