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Eva L. Davis

Contact Information

Eva L. Davis, Hydrologist

Phone: 580-436-8548

Dr. Davis is a hydrologist in GWERD's Applied Research and Technical Support Branch. Her graduate work focused on groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

Dr. Davis’s research area is thermal remediation. Since joining EPA in 1990, her work has focused on thermal remediation technologies and the effects of temperature on the properties of organic contaminants and their transport in the subsurface. This work has included laboratory experiments on hot water displacement of oily contaminants from sands, measurements of soil characteristic curves for oil and water as a function of temperature, measurements of hydraulic conductivity and intrinsic permeability of sands using different liquids as a function of temperature, and measurements of the physical properties of nonaqueous-phase liquids as a function of temperature.

Dr. Davis’s current laboratory work includes treatability studies of thermal remediation for contaminants such as creosote and chlorobenzene/DDT. Field based research activities include the use of steam injection for the remediation of dense nonaqueous-phase liquids from fractured rock, and a detailed assessment of electrical resistance heating to remediate solvents from tight soils.

Dr. Davis' publications include EPA groundwater issue papers on the effects of heat on transport of organic contaminants and on the use of steam injection for soil and aquifer remediation.

Dr. Davis has also done extensive site-specific technical support for sites where thermal remediation is being considered or is currently being used. Her technical support activities include characterization for remediation purposes; evaluation of the applicability of thermal methods for a particular site; overview of design, construction, and operation; and performance assessments.

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