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John Skender

Contact Information

John Skender, Hydrologic Technician

Phone: 580-436-8515

Mr. Skender is an Hydrologic Technician in GWERD’s Technical and Administrative Support Staff Branch. He has a B.S. in Environmental Health Science from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. His research areas are permeable reactive barriers and biofuels.

Mr. Skender is currently conducting field and microcosm studies to determine the biological fate of MTBE and chlorinated solvents in contaminated aquifers. He assists in research on the role of reactive iron and sulfur minerals in degradation of halogenated hydrocarbons in plant mulch-based passive reactive barriers (biowalls) and in aquifer sediments. He also assists in research on methane sampling at UST gas station spill sites. He provides support to GWERD’s research programs through laboratory analysis and equipment maintenance. He also provides field support through monitoring well installation; and soil, water, and vapor sampling.

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