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Kelly Smith

Contact Information

Kelly Smith, Branch Chief

Phone: 580-436-8805

Fax: 580-436-8614

Ms. Smith is an Environmental Engineer in GWERD’s Applied Research and Technical Support Branch. She has a B.S. and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron. She has 15 years of experience in environmental engineering, emergency response, health and safety, and homeland security.

Ms. Smith has provided technical assistance in support of environmental emergencies, remediation and removal actions at sites with chemical, radiological, and biological contaminants. She has provided first responder services on more than 100 emergencies involving chemical and oil spills, chemical fires, and other hazardous situations.

Ms. Smith has extensive expertise in performing characterizations and extent-of-contamination activities, identifying and addressing sampling and safety issues, and developing decontamination procedures for biological, chemical, and radiological agents released accidentally, in a terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction, or during other nationally significant events.

She has vast knowledge of CERCLA, RCRA, OPA, CWA, FIFRA, TSCA and CAA. She has practical field and management experience with time-critical and non-time-critical responses, while ensuring OSHA compliance. Her experience also includes conducting emergency response training, developing tabletop and full-scale exercises, and creating and implementing waste minimization and mitigation techniques. She’s experienced in multimedia sampling, and developing community outreach and health and safety protocols.

Selected Publications

K. Smith, T. Curtright, and H. Qammar (2000). “Biokinetic Parameter Estimation for ISB of PAH Contaminated Soil.” Journal of Environmental Engineering, April.

Smith, K. (1998). “Investigation of Mechanisms That Affect the Biokinetics for In Situ Bioremediation of PAH-Contaminated Soil.” MS Thesis, University of Akron.

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