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Patrick Kyle Jones

Contact Information

Kyle Jones, Physical Science Technician

Phone: 580-436-8873

Fax: 580-436-8529

Patrick Kyle Jones is a Physical Science Technician in the Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division's (GWERD’s) Technical and Administrative Support Staff (TASS) and serves as GWERD’s Environmental Management System (EMS) Coordinator.  Mr. Jones obtained a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Chemistry from East Central University (Ada, OK) in 1999 and a M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) in 2007.

Prior to becoming the EMS Coordinator in 2008, Mr. Jones served as a laboratory technician in GWERD’s Applied Research and Technical Support (ARTS) Branch, where he provided support to field and laboratory projects involving in-situ chemical oxidation, in-situ chemical reduction, permeable reactive barriers, and flux-based remediation at sites contaminated with dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs).  Mr. Jones continues to provide support to field projects at GWERD as necessary.

As GWERD’s EMS Coordinator, Mr. Jones manages the laboratory’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and maintain conformance with Executive Orders 13423 and 13514 and other relevant legal requirements.  Accordingly, Mr. Jones is responsible for identifying, assigning, scheduling, and providing the necessary support to ensure the completion of all tasks relating to the Office of Research and Development’s Multi-Site Environmental Management System at the GWERD.  Under Mr. Jones’ direction, sustainable practices are identified and implemented in the following areas:

Mr. Jones is also a registered ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and assists other federal facilities and laboratories in conducting their internal EMS audits and external EMS conformance audits.  Mr. Jones has been employed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1999.

Research Areas

Chemical Regeneration
In Situ Chemical Oxidation
Permeable Reactive Barriers

Selected Publications

Jones, P. K.  (2007).  Impact of Surface Functionality Modification on Fenton Regeneration of Activated Carbon.  Master’s Thesis, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, 62 pgs.

Huling, S. G., Jones, P. K., and Lee, T.  (2007).  “Iron Optimization for Fenton-Driven Chemical Oxidation of MTBE-Spent Granular Activated Carbon.”  Environmental Science and Technology, 41 (11), 4090-4096.

Huling S. G., Jones, P. K., Ela, W. P., Arnold, R. G.  (2005).  “Fenton-Driven Chemical Regeneration of MTBE-Spent Granular Activated Carbon.”  Water Research, 39(10), 2145-2153.

Huling S. G., Jones, P. K., Ela, W. P., Arnold, R. G.  (2005).  “Repeated Reductive and Oxidative Treatments on Granular Activated Carbon.”  Journal of Environmental Engineering, 131(2), 287-297.

Huling, S. G., Arnold, R. G., Sierka, R. A., Jones, P. K., and Fine, D. D.  (2000).  “Contaminant Adsorption and Oxidation Via Fenton Reaction.”  Journal Environmental Engineering, 126(7), 595-600.

Huling, S. G., Arnold, R. G., Sierka, R. A., and Jones, P. K.  (2000).  “Predicting Fenton-Driven Degradation Using Contaminant Analog.”  Journal of Environmental Engineering, 126(4), 348-353.


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