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Subsurface Remediation Branch

The Subsurface Remediation Branch (SRB) conducts research in defining the chemical, physical, and biological processes that affect the fate, transport, and remediation of contaminants in the subsurface. The focus is on organic and inorganic compounds or elements recognized as priority contaminants of concern to the public, EPA Regions, and Program Offices, as well as other government agencies. A primary aim of the research is the development of more efficient and cost-effective remediation strategies for cleanup of contaminated subsurface environments.  
Contact Information

David Jewett, Branch Chief

Phone: 580-436-8534

Fax: 580-436-8560

Federal Staff
Name Title
Cherri Adair Environmental Scientist
Doug Beak Geochemist
Michael Brooks Environmental Engineer
David Jewett Branch Chief
Tony Lee Environmental Scientist
Susan Mravik Soil Scientist
Cynthia Paul Environmental Scientist
Chunming Su Soil Scientist
Jim Weaver Hydrologist
Richard Wilkin Geochemist
John T. Wilson Microbiologist
Amy Wolfe Environmental Scientist
Lynn Wood Soil Scientist


Research Topics

Arsenic in Drinking Water
Combined Treatment Technologies
Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids and Flux-Based Site Management
Fuel Oxygenates
Geologic Sequestration of Carbon
Monitored Natural Attenuation
Permeable Reactive Barriers

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