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Do you want to work for a greener future?

If your answer is yes, our nationally renowned laboratory wants you!

We Want You!

NRMRL is the premier provider of environmental risk management research, integrating science and engineering to develop unique approaches and technologies to solve the world’s most significant environmental problems. We are seeking the best and brightest to join our team in investigating and defining emerging environmental issues and in applying science and technologies to resolve them. Our positions are part of a larger EPA effort to use state-of-the-science approaches and technologies in order to protect human health and the environment.

Positions # Vacancy Status
Post Doc Positions

Research Management Positions
-- Division Director, Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration

Open until September 11, 2013
Scientific and Technical Positions
No openings at this time.
Administrative Support Positions
No openings at this time.
Student/Recent Graduate Positions
No openings at this time.

For information on more EPA Careers: Discover the "who, what, where and why" that lead to a meaningful career at EPA. Learn about specific vacancies and applying online or offline for a job that fits your background and interests.

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The U.S. EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Who We Are

EPA's Goals
  1. Clean Air & Global Climate Change
  2. Clean and Safe Water
  3. Land Preservation and Restoration
  4. Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
  5. Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

Established in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) functions as both a scientific and regulatory agency of the United States. Our mission is to protect human health and safeguard the environment—the air, water, land—on which life depends. EPA works with our federal, state, tribal, and local government partners to advance its mission. Together, we have made tremendous progress in protecting and restoring the nation’s air, water, and land. Visit: About EPA and 2006–2011 EPA Strategic Plan

Office of Research and Development (ORD)
EPA relies on sound science to safeguard both human health and the environment. ORD is the scientific research arm of EPA. Our cutting-edge research in pollution prevention, protection of human health, and risk reduction helps provide a solid foundation for EPA science and technology. The work at ORD laboratories, research centers, and offices across the country helps improve the quality of air, water, and soil, and the way we use our natural resources. Applied science at ORD builds our understanding of the relationship between humans and the earth’s ecosystems, providing the basis for environmental policies and programs. Office of Research & Development web site

Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center, Cincinnati, OH

National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL)
As part of ORD, NRMRL is the laboratory for risk management research and plays a vital role in the scientific research mission at EPA. NRMRL focuses on environmental problem solving, spanning EPA's five goals.

NRMRL follows ORD's leadership and adheres to its principles. These principles are aligned with NRMRL's core values and are embodied in our mission, goals, and strategies.

Learn more about NRMRL Locations
  • Cincinnati, OH - Home of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory
  • Ada, OK - Home of our Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Research division (Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center)
  • Edison, NJ - Home of our Urban Watershed Management Research branch (Edison Environmental Center)
  • Research Triangle Park, NC - Home of our Air Pollution Prevention and Control division

NRMRL has research facilities at its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio; Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina; Ada, Oklahoma; and Edison, New Jersey. NRMRL's staff includes several hundred scientists and engineers devoted to solving a wide range of environmental problems. Our strengths lie in:

  • Science and engineering expertise
  • State-of-the-science facilities
  • Innovative technology testing
  • Collaboration and partnerships

Our Values

We value our environment. We work at EPA because we believe that the prosperity and security of our families, our country, and our world depend on the health of the natural systems that surround us.

We value the trust and respect of the American people. As a part of the federal government, we understand that the work we do is for the public good and we must meet the high expectations the American people hold for their public servants.

We value our research. We take pride in our work and conduct research that is scientifically sound and meets quality assurance standards.

We value our people. Our ability to find solutions for environmental problems and to communicate the results depends on a talented and dedicated workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Learn about the National Risk Management Research Laboratory web site

Risk Management Research web site

What We Do

No one could have predicted the impact NRMRL would have on the nation and the world. We have taken on many unique challenges and delivered outstanding results. There are amazing success stories to tell from each of NRMRL's research areas:

Air Pollution Prevention and Control
NRMRL has extensive experience in air pollution research, developing and demonstrating prevention and control technologies for key industries, electrical power plants, incinerators, indoor environments, and sources of greenhouse gases. Our leadership has created a breakthrough technology for measuring dioxins and other toxic air emissions, established the state of the science for mercury control, and formulated methods to measure mercury in the environment.

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Drinking Water Protection
Water Facility
NRMRL’s leadership in drinking water treatment continues to improve our nation’s water supply and keep it secure. We are responsible for ORD’s largest national treatment technology demonstration and education program, setting the foundation for public health protection of small water systems contaminated by arsenic.

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Watershed Management and Restoration
Watershed Diagram
We are a leader in establishing the science to design best management practices for watersheds. These practices yield important improvements to water quality and support ecosystem restoration.

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Ground Water and Land Remediation
Riparian Restoration
NRMRL leads the world in providing practical guidance for remediation of hundreds of Superfund and other contaminated sites. Our researchers provide scientific knowledge to better understand how to remediate contaminated groundwater and assess vapor intrusion into the home, both potentially significant risks to the public.

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Environmental Sustainability
The United States continues to “go green” and seeks new methods of environmental protection. The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Katrina served as a wake-up call and triggered enormous environmental policy challenges. EPA recognizes that an intricate web of regulatory and voluntary programs has evolved. We see the challenge of cross-media efforts and recognize the need to put the pieces together. Sustainability is the path forward.

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Environmental Technology Assessment and Verification
ETV Technology
Our Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation and Environmental Technology Verification programs have set the global standard for demonstration and performance verification of environmental technologies. We stand uniquely poised to help EPA and the world take on the next set of major environmental challenges. We will deliver results that safeguard the environment, save millions in compliance costs, and create economic prosperity.

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Our Challenges

It is a time of enormous challenge and change. Funds and well-trained scientists are in short supply; however, there are still opportunities for NRMRL to impact the world:

  • We are at the forefront of EPA’s commitments to environmental sustainability and environmental technologies.
  • EPA has entrusted NRMRL to bring about technological and engineering solutions to address the problem of aging water and wastewater infrastructure. Our work in wastewater peak flow blending will establish the scientific basis for future policy deliberation.
  • We are part of a cooperative partnership to bring sound science to near-roadway exposure.
  • We have been asked to lead a major effort with the Office of Water to advance nutrient trading via wetlands.
  • We are exploring the potential of nanotechnology in risk management approaches to environmental protection.
  • Working with EPA headquarters, we have completed the architecture for sustainability science and are bringing sustainability to real-world situations.

Office of Research & Development | National Risk Management Research Laboratory

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