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Scientific and Technical Career Opportunities

Scientific and Technical Career Opportunities
The majority of NRMRL (National Risk Management Research Laboratory) scientists and engineers are hired under the competitive career appointment process. Starting grades depend on education and experience and typically range from GS-11 for scientists or engineers with masters degrees to GS-15 for those with PhD's. Promotions above the GS-13 level are governed by a technical qualifications board (TQB). Job vacancies are announced on this site whenever they become available.

Below is a list of current NRMRL vacancies, click on the vacancy link for specific job description and application information. Applications for any vacancies listed below must be submitted on-line via the US Government's job web site at USAJOBS.

Job Title and Vacancy Number
Closing Date
No Vacancies at this time.    

Note: For more information on these vacancies, contact Carolyn Wieland, at 513-569-7364, or wieland.carolyn@epa.gov.

Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina): conducts air pollution research to develop and demonstrate prevention and control technologies for key industries, electrical power plants, incinerators, indoor environments, and sources of greenhouse gases. Our leadership has created a breakthrough technology for measuring dioxins and other toxic air emissions, established the state of the science for mercury control, and formulated methods to measure mercury in the environment. More information on our Air Research.

Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division(Ada, Oklahoma): conducts research and engages in technical assistance and technology transfer on the chemical, physical, and biological structure and processes of the subsurface environment, the biogeochemical interactions in that environment, and alterations to other environmental media. More Information on our Ground Water and Ecosystems Research.

Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division (Cincinnati, Ohio): conducts research at the basic level, as well as bench- and pilot-scale levels, to explore innovative solutions to current and future land pollution problems. More information on our Land Research. More Information on Land Remedication and Pollution Control Division.

Sustainable Technology Division (Cincinnati, Ohio): advances the scientific understanding, development, and application of technologies and methods for prevention, removal, and control of environmental risks to human health and ecology. More Information on our Sustainability Research.

Water Supply and Water Resources Division (Cincinnati, Ohio and Edison, New Jersey): conducts research to help prepare the primary and secondary regulations for drinking water and to develop technologies and strategies for controlling waterborne contaminants. More information on our Water Research.

Environmental Technology Assessment, Verification, and Outcomes Office (Cincinnati, Ohio): serves as a focal point for EPA state-of-the science technology assessment and verification. Coordinates EPA and others in the private sector to develop, test, and implement technologies to protect the environment and human health. More information on our Environmental Technology Assessment, Verification, and Outcomes Programs.

U.S. EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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