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Engineering Technical Support Center (ETSC)


John McKernan, ETSC Director
U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Remediation and Redevelopment Branch (RRB)
Land Remediation and Pollution Prevention and Control Division
26 West Martin Luther King Dr.
Mail Code: 190
Cincinnati, OH 45268

The Engineering Technical Support Center (ETSC) provides site-specific assistance and technical support to EPA Regions and program offices. It networks with EPA programs and other federal agencies to deliver the latest methods, approaches, and technologies needed to characterize, remediate, and manage risk at contaminated sites. ETSC's goal is to provide scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise in soil, sediment, and mine remediation and technology to Regional staff for risk management decisions. The ETSC has long been valued as a key support and technology transfer asset within the EPA.

ETSC, part of the Technical Support Project, provides technological support to Regional staff for risk management decisions. ETSC ensures that ORD scientists and engineers are accessible to the Agency's Regional decision-makers, including Remedial Project Managers, corrective action staff, and On-Scene Coordinators.In FY12, ETSC performed a total of 250 technical assistance actions at 60 different sites across all 10 EPA regions. In FY13, ETSC responded to approximately 200 technical support requests from over 150 contaminated sites in all 10 EPA Regions, Territories (Puerto Rico) and internationally (Vietnam and Canada). Sixty-six percent of the contaminated site requests were Superfund National Priority List (NPL) sites.

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