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Engineering Issue Papers address specific concerns from the field.

Innovative Technology Evaluation Reports describe the research, piloting, and evaluation of new environmental technologies.

Engineering Issue Papers
11/2006 In Situ Treatment Technologies for Contaminated Soil (PDF) (35 pp, 939K) EPA/542/F-06/013
This paper summarizes a wide variety of in situ technologies for the treatment of contaminated soil in the vadose, saturated and unsaturated zones. It addresses common practices such as soil vapor extraction, bioventing and less frequently used technologies, such as thermal treatment. A basic description of each technology, its implementation, feasibility based on contaminants and site characteristics, general limitations, costs and status of the technology's application are provided.
10/2006 In Situ and Ex Situ Biodegradation Technologies for Remediation of Contaminated Sites EPA/625/R-06/015 Abstract
The purpose of this Engineering Issue paper for biodegradation technologies is to summarize current information on bioremediation and to convey that information clearly and concisely to site managers.
10/2006 Management and Treatment of Water from Hard Rock Mines EPA/625/R-06/014 Abstract
Practitioner's guide to understanding, managing and treating acids in water draining from hard rock mines.
08/2006 In Situ Chemical Oxidation EPA/600/R-06/072
An overview of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) remediation technology, which involves the introduction of a chemical oxidant into the subsurface for the purpose of transforming ground water or soil contaminants into less harmful chemical species.
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Innovative Technology Evaluation Reports (ITER)
03/2006 Compost-Free Bioreactor Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage, Leviathan Mine, California (PDF) (93 pp, 4.2M) EPA/540/R-06/009
Untreated acid rock drainage from mining byproducts pollutes waterways with foreign chemicals, often destroying habitats and making human use of the water unsafe. This document evaluates compost-free bioreactor treatment of aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, selenium and zinc in acid rock drainage from the Aspen Seep of the Leviathan Mine Superfund site from 2003 to 2005, including performance data and statistical evaluations, economic analysis, applicability and effectiveness.
03/2006 Active and Semi-Passive Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage at Leviathan Mine, California EPA/540/R-05/015 A detailed evaluation of Biphasic, Monophasic and alkaline lagoon lime treatment systems utilized in reducing aluminum, arsenic, copper, iron and nickel in acid mine drainage at the Leviathan Mine Superfund site in Alpine County, California from 2002-2003, including capital, operation and maintenance costs.

Summary Reports

Engineering Technical Support Center: Innovative Science and Technical Support for Cost-Efficient Cleanups: Five Year Summary Report for 2007–2012 (PDF) (37 pp, 1.76 MB) (EPA/600/R-13/093) May 2013

Final Reports
09/2001 Characterization and Eh/pH-Based Leaching Tests of Mercury-containing Mining Wastes from the Sulfur Bank Mercury Mine, Lake County, California EPA/600/R-02/032 Abstract
Treatment alternatives to conventional solidification/stabilization for waste from waste ore, rock, and tailings, including an analysis of chemical processes' influence on the mobility of trace and toxic metals.

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