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  Surfactant-Enhanced Extraction Technology Evaluation, EPA-BMBF Bilateral Site Demonstration, Versuchseinrichtung zur Grundwasser-und Altlastensanierung (VEGAS) Facility, Stuttgart, Germany
September 2000

This report documents the results of the demonstration and provides information that is useful to remedial managers, environmental consultants, and other technology users in implementing surfactant-enhanced extraction technologies at contaminated sites.

Section 1.0 presents an overview of the Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program and bilateral agreement, describes the technology, and lists key contacts. Section 2.0 presents information relevant to the technology’s effectiveness, including contaminated aquifer characteristics and process flow diagrams, demonstration procedures, and the results and conclusions of the evaluation. Section 3.0 presents information on the costs associated with applying the technology. Section 4.0 presents information relevant to the technology’s application, including assessment of the technology related to nine feasibility study evaluation criteria used for decision making in the Superfund process. Section 4.0 discusses applicable wastes and contaminants, and limitations of the technology. Section 5.0 summarizes the technology status. Section 6.0 lists references used in preparing this report.


Ann Vega

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