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Microbial Contaminants Control Branch

Branch Information

Mark Rodgers
Branch Chief

Phone: 513-569-7225
Email: rodgers.mark@epa.gov

The Microbial Contaminants Control Branch (MCCB) is part of the the Water Supply and Water Resources Division of the Office of Research and Development's National Risk Management Research Laboratory's (NRMRL). MCCB addresses areas of investigation that align with NRMRL's mission and the overarching strategic plan of the Office of Research and Development.

Our Focus

MCCB conducts research at the bench, pilot and field-scale focusing on the detection, disinfection, inactivation or otherwise control of microbial contaminants (pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and protozoa) in drinking water, wastewater biosolids and water bodies impaired due to fecal contamination.  MCCB scientists have pioneered the application of both cultural and molecular techniques to the issues of environmental microbiology and public health protection.  MCCB researchers are helping set the national research agenda in the development and use of genetic markers specific for a range of animals and birds that allow for the identification of the sources of fecal contamination in environmental waters.  Using state-of-the-art genomic technologies, MCCB is leading the Agency’s efforts in studying the molecular ecology of microbial communities in such diverse environments as human and animal fecal samples, drinking water distribution system biofilms, groundwaters used for sequestering carbon dioxide and corroded pipe surfaces. MCCB researchers take pride in providing technical assistance to the Office of Water, the EPA Regions and other federal agencies, states, and local governments.

Key research areas:

MCCB researchers aim to provide results for stakeholders, such as utilities and state primacy agencies, in order to better inform decision makers on water management issues.  We strive to develop innovative treatments and tools that will incorporate new and innovative ideas for sustaining the nation's water resources. To conduct our research, we are centered in and utilize EPA's Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center, a highly specialized water research facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Research Projects

Research Area (s)
Principal Investigator (s)
Inactivation of Francisella tularenis Distribution System Noreen Adcock
Chlorine Disinfection of Legionella spp. within an Amoeba Host Distribution Systems Laura Boczek & Cliff Johnson
Recovery of Bacteria Indicators and Pathogens from Biosolids Point Source Characterization and Control Laura Boczek, Cliff Johnson, & Mark Meckes
Molecular Survey of Drinking Water Microbial Communities Distribution Systems Randy Revetta & Jorge Santo Domingo
Molecular Survey of Microbial Communities Involved in Concrete Corrosion in Wastewater Collection Systems Aging Wastewater Infrastructure Jorge Santo Domingo & Randy Revetta 
Development and Evaluation of Molecular Methods for the Identification of Bacterial Indicators of Fecal Pollution Sources in Tropical Waters Nonpoint Source Characterization and Control Jorge Santo Domingo
Development and Evaluation of Host Specific qPCR Assays for Tracking Avian Fecal Pollution Sources Nonpoint Source Characterization and Control; Microbial Source Tracking Jorge Santo Domingo
Fate and Transport of Manure Pathogens, Fecal Indicator Bacteria, and Host-Specific Genes in Agroecosystems Nonpoint Source Characterization and Control Orin Shanks
Use of Metagenomics to Develop Novel Fecal Source Tracking Assays Nonpoint Source Characterization and Control; Microbial Source Tracking Orin Shanks

Recent Publications

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Contact Information

To ask a question or report a problem regarding the Water Research web pages, please contact Michelle Latham, 513-569-7601, or use the address below.

Mailing address

U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center
Water Supply and Water Resources Division
26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Mail Code: MLK 689
Cincinnati, OH 45268

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