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Water Quality Management Branch

Branch Information

Christopher A. Impellitteri
Branch Chief

Phone: 513-487-2672
Email: impellitteri.christopher@epa.gov

The Water Quality Management Branch (WQMB) is part of the Water Supply and Water Resources Division of the Office of Research and Development's National Risk Management Research Laboratory's (NRMRL). WQMB addresses areas of investigation that align with NRMRL's mission and the overarching strategic plan of the Office of Research and Development. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and technicians provide technical support to EPA's Office of Water, EPA regional offices, state governments, communities, and homeowners. Staff members also engage in collaborative research with water utilities, consultants, and academic institutions.

Our Focus

WQMB resource managers face ever increasing challenges, such as climate change, land use alteration and population growth. WQMB research involves the entire water cycle as it affects water resources. Our researchers conduct experiments on managing water quality in a wide variety of environments including drinking water, ground and surface water, wastewater, and reused/recycled water. Our research involves monitoring and assessing the factors that impact water quality in these settings, and provides results for improving our ability to meet water quality criteria for specific end uses of the water.

Key research areas:

WQMB researchers provide results for stakeholders, such as utilities and state primacy agencies, in order to better inform decision makers on water management issues.  We strive to develop planning tools that will incorporate new and innovative ideas for sustaining the nation's water resources. To conduct our research we utilize several highly specialized water research facilities located in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area: the Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center; the Test and Evaluation Facility; and the Experimental Stream Facility.

Research Projects

Research Area (s)
Principal Investigator (s)
Technical Support for Watershed/Distribution System Research: On-Line Toxicity Monitor Research for Source Water and Distribution System Water Quality Early Warning Systems Source Water Protection Joel Allen
Environmental Fate and Transport of Inorganic Nanomaterials Source Water Protection Christopher Impellitteri
Cost & Performance of Innovative Water Filtration Technologies Integrated to Remote Telemetry Systems in High-Turbidity Public Surface Water Systems in Tropical Environments Treatment Technologies Christopher Impellitteri & Rajib Sinha
Drinking Water Distribution System Simulator Research Center - Biofilm Test Loop Research Projects Distribution Systems Christopher Impellitteri
Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Treatment Technology Evaluation and Development Aging Drinking Water Infrastructure Eric Kleiner
Advanced Decentralized Water/Energy Network Design for Sustainable Infrastructure Aging Wastewater Infrastructure
Jill Neal
Effects of multiple stressors on stream ecology at the mesocosm and field scales Watershed Management Christopher Nietch & Donald Brown
Development of watershed monitoring systems to better quantify best management practices and assess risk for drinking water source protection Watershed Management Christopher Nietch & Donald Brown
Alternative Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Small Communities Treatment Technologies Craig Patterson
Metals Removal from Household Well Water in Mine Waste Areas Treatment Technologies Craig Patterson
Adding Low Impact Development Modeling into EPA's Storm Water Management Model Watershed Management Lewis Rossman
Updating the EPANET Water Distribution System Simulation Model Distribution System Water Quality Lewis Rossman
Evaluation of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) Treatment Technologies Kathleen Schenck (Nicholas Dugan & Heath Mash - TTEB)
Multi-Scale Infrastructure Assessment Aging Wastewater Infrastructure Y. Jeffery Yang
Pipe Leak Detection Technology Development Aging Wastewater Infrastructure Y. Jeffery Yang
Water Reuse and Soil Column Studies for Alternative Water Resource Development Aging Wastewater Infrastructure Y. Jeffery Yang

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Contact Information

To ask a question or report a problem regarding the Water Research web pages, please contact Michelle Latham, 513-569-7601, or use the address below.

Mailing address

U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center
Water Supply and Water Resources Division
26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Mail Code: MLK 689
Cincinnati, OH 45268

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