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  User's Guide to Closure Evaluation System: CES Beta-Test Version 1.0 (EPA/600/C-92/005) 1992

The Closure Evaluation System (CES) is a decision support tool developed by EPA's Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory to assist reviewers and preparers of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Part B permit applications. CES is designed to serve as a checklist for identifying potential design problems in the vegetative cover, final cover, and leachate collection components of RCRA landfill closures, as set forth in 40 CFR 264 and 40 CFR 265. It is not intended to be a complete automation of the evaluation process.

The conclusions reached by the CES system and its modules should serve either as a starting point for a more thorough investigation or as a final check applied after completion of a technical review.

The CES system directs users to critical closure design issues and applies design criteria that are supported by RCRA guidance. The CES system has three modules that can assist in the evaluation of a proposed RCRA closure design:

  • The Vegetative Cover Evaluation System
  • The Final Cover Evaluation System
  • The Leachate Collection Evaluation System

Because each module is a standalone system, users can one or all three modules in any order during a CES consultation.

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