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  Treatment Wetland Habitat and Wildlife Use Assessment and North American Treatment Wetland Database Version 2.0 (EPA/600/C-94/002) 1994

EPA sponsored a project to collect information from wastewater treatment wetlands and catalog the information in a computer database. EPA has also written a user-friendly, stand-alone, menu-driven computer program to allow anyone with DOS 3.3 or higher to access the information in the database. The database contains information for 323 wetland cells at 178 locations in the United States and Canada and includes general information as well as water quality data (e.g., biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, N-series particulates, phosphorous, dissolved oxygen, and fecal coliforms). The database is a collection of existing information; no new data were generated by this project.


Donald Brown (513) 569-7630

Office of Research & Development | National Risk Management Research Laboratory

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