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  Particulate Emission Measurements From Controlled Construction Activities (EPA/600/R-01/031) April 2001

This report summarizes the results of field testing the effectiveness of control measures for sources of fugitive particulate emissions found at construction sites.

During September 1999, tests were conducted in Beloit, Kansas, to determine the effect of watering unpaved travel surfaces on scraper transit emissions composed of particulate matter less than 10 micrometers in diameter (PM-10 emissions).

During November 1999, tests were conducted in Grandview, Missouri, to determine the effect of paved and graveled access aprons on mud/dirt trackout from unpaved truck exit routes.

In the latter tests, moisture content and soil type were varied to determine whether watering exit routes, while reducing on-site emissions, might have the offsetting effect of increasing emissions attributable to mud/dirt trackout controls in place.


Charles Masser

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