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  Capstone Report on the Development of a Standard Test Method for VOC Emissions From Interior Latex and Alkyd Paints (EPA/600/R-01/093) October 2001
Project Summary

This report provides detailed information on the small-chamber test method developed by EPA’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory for characterizing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from interior latex and alkyd paints.

The report presents current knowledge about the emission of VOCs, including hazardous air pollutants, from interior paints generated by tests based on this method. Experimental data were analyzed to demonstrate the usefulness of the method and test results in terms of emission characterization, material selection, exposure assessment, and emission reduction by product reformulation.

The conclusions drawn from the experimental results were used as input to develop a standard practice to be adopted by the American Society of Testing and Materials. The draft standard practice is presented.


C.S. Chang

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