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  Predicting Attenuation of Viruses During Percolation in Soils, 2. User’s Guide to the Virulo 1.0 Computer Model (EPA/600/R-02/051b) August 2002

In the EPA document “Predicting Attenuation of Viruses During Percolation in Soils 1. Probabilistic Model,” the conceptual, theoretical, and mathematical foundations for a predictive screening model were presented. This second volume is a user’s guide for the computer model that implements the probabilistic model.

The predictive screening model is called Virulo because it uses the Monte Carlo method for predicting virus fate and transport. This document presents an overview of the parameters used and explains how they can be modified to suit a particular predictive modeling scenario. In addition, a nontechnical overview of the conceptual modeling approach is given. Some example applications of Virulo are presented.


Barton Faulkner

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