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  Guidelines for the Bioremediation of Oil-Contaminated Salt Marshes (66 pp, 620 KB) (EPA/600/R-04/074) July 2004

This document presents detailed technical guidelines for using bioremediation technology, one of the least intrusive approaches, to clean up coastal wetlands contaminated with oil and oil products. This document is a supplement to the previously published "Guidelines for the Bioremediation of Marine Shorelines and Freshwater Wetlands."

This guidance document includes:

  • A thorough review and critique of the literature and theories pertinent to oil biodegradation and nutrient dynamics
  • Examples of bioremediation options
  • Case studies of oil bioremediation in coastal wetland environments

It also evaluates current practices and state-of-the-science research results pertaining to the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination. It presents a procedure for the design and evaluation of bioremediation processes applicable to the cleanup of oil-contaminated coastal wetlands. Special attention is given to oil bioremediation of salt marshes because they are the most prevalent type of coastal wetland and have been the subject of the most extensive studies.


Albert Venosa

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