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  Detecting and Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Fecal Pathogens Originating from Confined Animal Feeding Operations: Review (EPA/600/R-06/021) September 2005

In this report, we synthesize the current state of knowledge regarding pathogen research as it relates to livestock CAFOs, including a summary of research ongoing at USDA and other federal agencies. Pathways for the release of zoonotic agents and antimicrobial-resistant bacteria endemic in animals raised in confinement and their potential to persist in different milieus are reviewed. We discuss the impact to the environment and public health and welfare posed by the release of these agents from CAFOs, as well as manure management practices that are employed to mitigate their release into the environment. The objectives of this review are to summarize pathogen issues with regard to livestock CAFOs and identify and discuss gaps in the research that need to be addressed to improve public health.


Shane Rogers

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