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  Environmental Technology Verification Report, Baghouse Filtration Products, Southern Filter Media, LLC, PE-16/M-SPES Filter Sample (22 pp, 328 KB) (EPA/600/R-07/029) February 2007
Verification Statement (PDF) (5 pp, 220 KB)

This report reviews the filtration and pressure drop performance of Southern Filter Media, LLC’s PE-16/M-SPES. A series of performance tests of this technology was conducted in October 2006, by ETS, Inc., under contract with the Air Pollution Control Technology (APCT) Verification Center.

Control of fine particle emissions from various industrial and electric utility sources employing baghouse control technology is within the scope of the APCT center. Tri International designed an APCT center program area and convened a technical panel of experts to evaluate the performance of particulate filters for control of particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5). Based on the activities of the technical panel, a generic verification protocol for baghouse filtration products was developed. A test and quality assurance plan was developed and approved in May 2000; the update was approved in February 2006.

The goal of the tests was to measure filtration performance of both PM2.5 and total particulate matter, as well as the pressure drop characteristics of the Southern Filter Media, LLC, technology.

This report contains summary information and data from the tests. The report documents the procedures and methods used for the tests and the conditions under which the tests were conducted. A description of the Southern Filter Media, LLC’s PE-16/M-SPES technology is presented and the results of the tests are summarized and discussed.

Complete documentation of the test results is provided in a separate data package and audit of data quality report. Raw test data are included from product testing and supplemental testing, equipment calibrations results, and quality assurance and quality control activities and results.


Mike Kosusko

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