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  Literature Review of Molecular Methods for Simultaneous Detection of Pathogens in Water (EPA/600/R-07/128) February 2008

This literature review was prepared under contract for EPA's Environmental Technology Council (ETC). It supports ETC's mission of identifying needed research or technologies for addressing decisions and policy-making issues relating to the assessment of microorganisms in water.

The review supported the EPA workshop “Innovative Approaches for Detecting Microorganisms in Water,” held June 18–20, 2007 at the Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The review is of molecular technologies (qPCR, microarray, microfluidics, and lab-on-a-chip) for simultaneous detection of multiple waterborne pathogens in order to understand the state of the technology. The review content focused on:

  • Pathogen detection without DNA or RNA amplification
  • Pathogen detection with DNA or RNA amplification
  • Sample concentration methodologies
  • Whole methods (concentration and detection without DNA or RNA amplification)
  • Whole methods (concentration and detection with DNA or RNA amplification)
  • Molecular methods that differentiate viable versus nonviable microorganisms


Sam Hayes

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