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Monitored Natural Attenuation of Inorganic Contaminants in Ground Water Volume 1 - Technical Basis for Assessment (EPA/600/R-07/139)

This document represents the first volume of a set of three volumes that address the technical basis and requirements for assessing the potential applicability of MNA as part of a ground-water remedy for plumes with non-radionuclide and/or radionuclide inorganic contaminants. Volume 1, titled "Technical Basis for Assessment," consists of three sections that describe 1) the conceptual background for natural attenuation for inorganic contaminants, 2) the technical basis for attenuation of inorganic contaminants in ground water, and 3) approaches to site characterization to support evaluation of MNA. Emphasis is placed on characterization of immobilization and/or degradation processes that may control contaminant attenuation, as well as technical approaches to assess performance characteristics of the MNA remedy. A tiered analysis approach is presented to assist in organizing site characterization tasks in a manner designed to reduce uncertainty in remedy selection.


Robert G. Ford


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