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  Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal (12 pp, 1.69 MB) (EPA/600/S-05/006) November 2005

On January 18, 2001, EPA finalized the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for arsenic at 0.01 milligrams per liter (mg/L). EPA subsequently revised the rule text to express the MCL as 0.010 mg/L (10 micrograms per liter). The final rule requires all community and nontransient, noncommunity water systems to comply with the new standard by February 2006.

Motivation to reduce the arsenic MCL was driven by the findings of health effects research. Over the past several years, numerous toxicological and epidemiological studies have been conducted to ascertain the health risks associated with low-level exposure to arsenic. Fundamental knowledge of arsenic chemistry and processes is important when a community is looking to install a new treatment system or to modify an old system to comply with the new arsenic rule.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide engineering firms, utilities, and communities with information about treatment technologies for arsenic removal and design considerations for choosing treatment technologies.


Darren Lytle

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