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Technologies for Upgrading Existing or Designing New Drinking Water Treatment Facilities

The publication compiles material presented at a series of workshops and helps to focus attention on the many treatment and disinfection decisions that will be facing both ground water and surface source systems over the next several years, as implementation of the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments unfolds. Special effort was made during the individual technology area sessions to encourage discussion among attendees on their own particular situations and experience. Some of the workshops were cosponsored by local sections of the American Water Works Association and others by the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators.
Major sections discuss: filtration, disinfection, organic contaminant removal and current and emerging research. Considerable attention is given to upgrading existing systems and to the presentation of case histories for improving existing systems and the use of emerging technologies. The publication is intended for Federal, state and local drinking water regulatory personnel, public and private utility staff members actively engaged in the, design or upgrading of their treatment systems, consulting engineers, and developers or marketers of drinking water treatment equipment.

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