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Risk Assessment, Management and Communication of Drinking Water Contamination


This publication compiles material presented at a series of workshops, that were typically cosponsored by the local section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and U.S. EPA Regional Offices. The publication is designed to provide uniform and consistent approaches and processes nationwide for those officials involved in determining, communicating about and managing drinking water contamination incidents.

Principal topics include information on health effects of contaminants, an approach to risk assessment, risk communication, and abatement of lead, biological contaminations, particulates, organics, and radon; as well as corrosion control.

Current regulatory initiatives are discussed, and an update of EPA's Health Advisory Program is given. Included is a case study that illustrates the elements of risk assessment, communication and management. This publication will be of primary interest to Federal, state and local regulatory personnel who work in the health and technology areas related to drinking water treatment facilities, or who must respond to contamination incidents. It should also be of interest to consultants and drinking water utility staff actively engaged in the design, operation and/or upgrading of treatment systems.

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