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Operation and Maintenance of Hospital Waste Incinerators

Proper operation of the incinerator will reduce the emissions of most of these pollutants. Air pollution control devices are available to further control these pollutants. Because of the national interest in hospital medical waste and the need for technology application, the Center for Environmental Research Information participated with the Control Technology Center in preparing this handbook.

This handbook is a general overview of proper operation and maintenance (O&M) procedures. It is a source of information on the O&M procedures that should be used on hospital waste incinerators and associated air pollution control equipment to minimize air emissions. Since manufacturers should provide specific O&M instructions and manuals for their equipment, this handbook should be viewed only as a supplement for proper O&M.

The handbook will prove helpful to Federal, state, and local regulatory agency personnel, hospital waste management personnel, hospital incinerator operators, and others associated with medical waste incinerators. Several pollutants, including potentially toxic ones, are emitted during the operation of medical waste incinerators.

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