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  1st NATO/CCMS Pilot Study, “Clean Products and Processes,” Phase II, Annual Report (844 pp, 19.8 MB) (EPA/625/C-03/009) May 2003

The Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization established the Committee on the Challenges to Modern Society (CCMS) in 1969 with the aim of creating a network of countries for exchanging information, ideas, knowledge, and technologies on topics of interest. The CCMS Pilot Study on Clean Products and Processes considers sustainable growth to be an important issue.

The meetings held during Phase I of the pilot study resulted in the creation of an international network of professionals who actively shared expertise in cleaner processes. For Phase I, CCMS sponsored five pilot study meetings:

  • 1998 – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1999 – Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 2000 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2001 – Oviedo, Spain
  • 2002 – Vilnius, Lithuania

The five years of activity have been very useful for creating the infrastructure for the pilot study network. Five additional years were approved for Phase II (November 2002–October 2007). Phase II, now in progress, focuses on increasing the collaboration among countries in solving common problems and conducting in-depth discussions and assessments in the industrial sector.

The first meeting was held in Calabria, Italy, in May 2003. It was hosted by the Institute on Membrane Technology, ITM-CNR, Rende (CS), Italy. Its objectives were to:

  • Discuss the worldwide progress made in developing clean technologies for sustainable growth
  • Exchange information about problems related to the environmental impact of industrial production
  • Illustrate techniques and methodologies developed for improving the performance of existing productive cycles and for defining new cleaner systems of productions

Sharing knowledge will help in reaching possible solutions to specific problems, especially among countries with similar environmental impacts.


Daniel Murray

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