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Delivering Timely Water Quality Information to Your Community: Lake Access, Minneapolis Project


A technology transfer handbook (in print and CD ROM formats) on how to plan and implement a real-time water quality monitoring, assessment, data visualization and outreach program for residential communities. The handbook will provide guidance on

  1. water quality monitoring,
  2. collecting, transferring and managing time-relevant water quality data,
  3. depicting time-relevant water quality data,
  4. communication time-relevant water quality Information, and
  5. appendices for technical information.

The technology transfer handbook will showcase the water quality monitoring, data visualization tools and outreach programs developed for the EPA EMPACT (Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking) Lake Access Project. The Lake Access Project, originally piloted in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, assists water quality management by providing education, water quality data, interpretation and assistance in application of low-cost intervention and risk reduction measures. This project was conceived as a primary educational and intervention effort to reduce the risk of further eutrophication in suburban lakes.

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