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  Delivering Timely Air Quality, Traffic, and Weather Information to Your Community, The Paso del Norte Environmental Monitoring Project (PDF) (76 pp, 2.68 MB) (EPA/625/R-02/013) February 2003

EPA has developed a technology transfer handbook for the Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking Paso del Norte Environmental Monitoring Project. This project is a mobile vehicle emissions project that involves the international community of El Paso, Texas; Sundland Park, New Mexico; and Juarez, Mexico.

This project has transferability to the entire U.S.-Mexico border region and the OzoneMap has transferability to any air project that monitors and reports ozone data. Project participants are building a regional clearinghouse for real-time air quality, and traffic and transit data. It has the potential for transfer to other regional areas.

Project participants are also combining the air data with live-action traffic on the Texas freeways and four international bridges to create a predictive model for air quality, based on traffic volume. Participants aim to help the public make the connection between driving and air quality and offer alternatives, such as a shorter commute, that will benefit drivers and the airshed.

Project participants also intend to put transit route maps and transit path finding on the Web site. Communication and outreach is quite extensive; it includes a K–12 educational campaign and use of radio and TV news stations in both the U.S. and Mexico. The technology transfer handbook outlines the steps needed by a new community to implement the essential components of the Paso del Norte project in their community.


Scott Hedges


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