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U.S. EPA Workshop on Managing Arsenic Risks to the Environment: Characterization of Waste, Chemistry, and Treatment and Disposal: Proceedings and Summary Report (107 pp, 1.13 MB) October 2003


A workshop titled "Managing Arsenic Risks to the Environment: Characterization of Waste, Chemistry, and Treatment and Disposal," was held on May 1 - 3, 2001, in Denver, Colorado. This workshop was sponsored and facilitated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Research and Development (ORD) and Office of Solid Waste (OSW), Emergency Response. The purpose of the workshop was to achieve three goals:

  1. Examine the chemical fundamentals related to arsenic chemistry, speciation, and analytical issues;
  2. Examine the state of practice of existing and emerging technologies that treat and properly dispose of arsenic wastes; and
  3. Identify/characterize sources of arsenic.

The workshop was not designed to cover issues related to drinking water; rather, to focus on characterization of wastes, arsenic speciation, and treatment and disposal practices. To facilitate discussion of these issues, the workshop featured a series of speaker presentations at a plenary session, and moderated technical breakout sessions with additional speaker presentations and participant discussions. Topics for the 12 presentations during the plenary session included arsenic waste, chemistry, and treatment and disposal, as well as regulatory perspectives and information management. Technical breakout sessions looked more closely at arsenic chemistry, source identification, and treatment and disposal issues: presentations during these sessions were more specific to the session topics.

Presenters were from the EPA, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Government of Canada, state agencies, academia, federal laboratories, consulting firms, and technology developers. Presenters and other workshop participants were known for their knowledge and involvement in the field of arsenic waste and management.

This report provides a summary of the key issues pertaining to managing arsenic risks to the environment, followed by plenary speaker abstracts, breakout session discussion review and speaker abstracts, and lastly, appendices with the workshop agenda, attendees, and a selected arsenic publications bibliography. It is hoped that this information will be useful to anyone involved with managing arsenic issues, and will prompt additional work and research to resolve outstanding arsenic issues.


Douglas Grosse

Office of Research & Development | National Risk Management Research Laboratory

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