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A Compendium of Chemical, Physical and Biological Methods for Assessing and Monitoring the Remediation of Contaminated Sediment Sites


Considering the many organizations which have published methods for monitoring contaminated sediments and the large number of documents on this subject, it can be a formidable task for a superfund project manager to find methods appropriate for his or her contaminated sediment site. This compendium of chemical, physical and biological methods for assessing and monitoring the remediation of contaminated sediment sites has been prepared to inform superfund project managers and others about appropriate methods for monitoring and assessing the remediation of contaminated sediments. Although the document can be printed as a text document, it is also intended to be viewed on a computer screen in order to take advantage of its hypertext links to navigate the document and to access reference documents available on the internet. Search engines can also be utilized to locate information contained in the document. The methods included focus primarily on published or otherwise citeable chemical, physical and biological testing methodologies used by EPA at superfund sites. The document summarized the methods, including references to the methods and hypertext links to access those methods which are available on the internet. Without exception, it is intended that all of the methods presented will be suitable for investigations at superfund sites containing contaminated sediments. However, not all methods will be suitable for all sites. The selection of methods for a particular site will depend on the site conditions, remediation plans, budgetary constraints and other factors.

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Jon Josephs

Office of Research & Development | National Risk Management Research Laboratory

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