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Drinking Water Treatment Plant Advisor - User Documentation


The Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) Advisor and User Documentation are designed to assist personnel who are responsible for improving the performance of existing water treatment plants in order to achieve compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule. The 'expert' information contained in the program's knowledge base was obtained from knowledge engineering sessions with domain experts and from Interim Handbook: Optimizing Water Treatment Plant Performance Using the Composite Correction Program Approach, EPA/625/6-91/027. The handbook described methods to evaluate an existing facility's potential to achieve required performance, and a process for systematically improving performance.
Although the DWTP Advisor is capable of producing assessments based on the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation methodology, the most effective results will always be produced by experienced users who are knowledgeable in the techniques and philosophy behind the methodology.

The DWTP Advisor is a software application which has been designed to provide assistance in the evaluation of drinking water treatment plants. Specifically, this program, which is based on the Comprehensive Correction Program (CCP) Approach, involves the following activities: evaluation of major unit processes, assessment of plant performance, identification and prioritization of performance limiting factors, assessment of applicability of follow-up CCP, and reporting of results.

The DWTP Advisor requires an IBM AT or compatible computer with the following components: a hard disk with at least 5.0 megabytes of free space; at least 550 kilobytes of available conventional memory; a 3.5 inch high density floppy disk drive (1.4 MB); DOS version 3.0 or higher; and a printer.

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