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Following is a list of Risk Management Research publications. Most are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The PDF files for some of the older publications were created using scanned images; this approach may result in some large file sizes and slower viewing, downloading, and printing.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page.
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Evaluation and Performance Assessment of Innovative Low-VOC Contact Adhesives in Wood-Laminating Operations (PDF) (55 pp, 1.7 MB) (EPA/600/R-98/055) May 1998

Technical Approaches to Characterizing and Cleaning Up Automotive Repair Sites under the Brownfields Initiatives (PDF) (74 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/625/R-98/008) – Abstract

Environmental Planning for Communities: A Guide to the Environmental Visioning Process Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) (PDF) (62 pp, 5.6 MB) (EPA/625/R-98/003) – Abstract

Handbook, Advanced Photochemical Oxidation Processes (PDF) (97 pp, 1.6 MB) (EPA/625/R-98/004) December 1998 – Abstract

Capsule Report, Hard Chrome Fume Suppressants and Control Technologies (PDF) (34 pp, 701 KB) (EPA/625/R-98/002) December 1998 – Abstract

Technical Approaches to Characterizing and Cleaning Up Iron and Steel Mill Sites Under the Brownfields Initiative (PDF) (68 pp, 743 KB) (EPA/625/R-98/007) November 1998 – Abstract

Providing Solutions for a Better Tomorrow, A Progress Report on U.S. EPA's Drinking Water Treatment Technology Demonstrations in Ecuador, Mexico, and China (PDF) (11 pp, 343 KB) (EPA/600/F-98/008) October 1998 – Abstract

Technical Protocol for Evaluating Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents in Ground Water (PDF) (248 pp, 2.5 MB) (EPA/600/R-98/128) September 1998

Permeable Reactive Barrier Technologies for Contaminant Remediation (PDF) (102 pp, 908 KB) (EPA/600/R-98/125) September 1998

Seminars, Monitored Natural Attenuation for Ground Water (PDF) (162 pp, 2.9 MB) (EPA/625/K-98/001) September 1998 – Abstract

National Conference on Management and Treatment of Contaminated Sediments, Proceedings, Cincinnati, OH, May 13–14, 1997 (PDF) (146 pp, 11.5 MB) (EPA/625/R-98/001) August 1998 – Abstract

Handbook, Optimizing Water Treatment Plant Performance Using the Composite Correction Program (PDF) (246 pp, 5.07 MB) (EPA/625/6-91/027) August 1998 – Abstract

Application of the Electromagnetic Borehole Flowmeter (71 pp, 593 KB) (EPA/600/R-98/058) August 1998

NATO/CCMS Pilot Study, Clean Products and Processes (Phase I) 1998 Annual Report, Number 230 (PDF) (70 pp, 161 KB) (EPA/600/R-98/065) June 1998 – Abstract

EPA Standards Network Fact Sheet, ISO 14000: International Environmental Management Standards (PDF) (7 pp, 123 KB) (EPA/625/F-97/004) April 1998 – Abstract

Project Summary, Demonstration of Fuel Cells to Recover Energy From Landfill Gas – Phase III, Demonstration Tests, and Phase IV, Guidelines and Recommendations (PDF) (5 pp, 35 KB) (EPA/600/SR-98/002) March 1998

Research Plan for Endocrine Disruptors (PDF) (55 pp, 284 KB) (EPA/600/R-98/087) February 1998 – Abstract

Estimation of Infiltration Rate in the Vadose Zone: Compilation of Simple Mathematical Models (EPA/600/R-97/128) February 1998
Volume I (PDF) (84 pp, 410 KB)
Volume II (PDF) (117 pp, 2.6 MB)

Ground Water Issue, Steam Injection for Soil and Aquifer Remediation (PDF) (16 pp, 474 KB) (EPA/540/S-97/505) January 1998

A GIS-Based Modal Model of Automobile Exhaust Emissions (PDF) (189 pp, 12.8 MB) (EPA/600/R-98/097) 1998 – Abstract

Parameter Estimation of Two-Fluid Capillary Pressure-Saturation and Permeability Functions (PDF) (97 pp, 427 KB) (EPA/600/R-98/046) 1998

Storage/Sedimentation Facilities for Control of Storm and Combined Sewer Overflows: Design Manual (PDF) (208 pp, 11 MB) (EPA/600/R-98/006) 1998 – Abstract

Reduction of Arsenic Wastes in the Semiconductor Industry (PDF) (61 pp, 784 KB) (EPA/600/R-02/089) 1998 – Abstract

Sewer and Tank Sediment Flushing: Case Studies (PDF) (113 pp, 1 MB) (EPA/600/R-98/157) 1998 – Abstract

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Air Emissions From Scrap Tire Combustion (PDF) (120 pp, 2.3 MB) (EPA/600/R-97/115) October 1997

Proceedings: National Watershed Water Quality Project Symposium (PDF) (237 pp, 15 MB) (EPA/625/R-97/008) December 1997 – Abstract

Capsule Report, Sources and Air Emission Control Technologies at Waste Management Facilities (PDF) (28 pp, 674 KB) (EPA/625/R-97/002) December 1997 – Abstract

Project Summary, Evaluation of Barriers to the Use of Radiation Cured Coatings in Wide-Web Flexographic Printing (PDF) (3pp, 15 KB) (EPA/600/SR-97/113) November 1997

Treatment Technology Performance and Cost Data for Remediation of Wood Preserving Sites (PDF) (172 pp, 10 MB) (EPA/625/R-97/009) October 1997

ISO 14000, Resource Directory (PDF) (82 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/625/R-97/003) October 1997 – Abstract

Risk Management Research Plan for Ecosystem Restoration in Watersheds (PDF) (24 pp, 553 KB) (EPA/600/R-97/078) September 1997

Ground Water Issue, Design Guidelines for Conventional Pump-and-Treat Systems (PDF) (38 pp, 1.3 MB) (EPA/540/S-97/504) September 1997

Project Summary, Biodegradative Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste in Laboratory-Scale Landfills (PDF) (6 pp, 31 KB) (EPA/600/SR-97/071) September 1997

Handbook, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for Non-Criteria Pollutants (PDF) (166 pp, 13 MB) (EPA/625/R-97/001) August 1997 – Abstract

Capsule Report, Aqueous Mercury Treatment (PDF) (38 pp, 1 MB) (EPA/625/R-97/004) July 1997 – Abstract

Proceedings of the Symposium Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Organics in Ground Water (PDF) (198 pp, 2.07 MB) (EPA/540/R-97/504) May 1997

Ground Water Issue, How Heat Can Enhance In Situ Soil and Aquifer Remediation: Important Chemical Properties and Guidance on Choosing the Appropriate Technique (PDF) (18 pp, 1.4 MB) (EPA/540/S-97/502) April 1997

Ground Water Model Testing: Systematic Evaluation and Testing of Code Functionality and Performance (PDF) (316 pp, 9 KB) (EPA/600/R-97/007) February 1997

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Drinking Water Treatment Plant Advisor (PDF) (158 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/625/R-96/002) – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Managing Environmental Problems at Inactive and Abandoned Metals Mine Sites (PDF) (99 pp, 8.6 MB) (EPA/625/R-95/007) October 1996 – Abstract

Capsule Report, Reverse Osmosis Process (PDF) (13 pp, 386 KB) (EPA/625/R-96/009) September 1996 – Abstract

Capsule Report, Evaporation Process (PDF) (12 pp, 296 KB) (EPA/625/R-96/008) September 1996 – Abstract

Seminar Publication, National Conference on Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), April 24–26, 1995, Washington, DC (PDF) (602 pp, 29 MB) (EPA/625/R-96/007) September 1996 – Abstract

Manual, Best Management Practices for Pollution Prevention in the Slabstock and Molded Flexible Polyurethane Foam Industry (PDF) (58 pp, 726 KB) (EPA/625/R-96/005) September 1996 – Abstract

Manual, Pollution Prevention in the Paints and Coatings Industry (PDF) (205 pp, 21 MB) (EPA/625/R-96/003) September 1996 – Abstract

Stagnation Time, Composition, pH, and Orthophosphate Effects on Metal Leaching From Brass (PDF) (184 pp, 7 MB) (EPA/600/R-96/103) September 1996 – Abstract

Pump-and-Treat Ground Water Remediation, A Guide for Decision Makers and Practitioners (PDF) (90 pp, 2.4 MB) (EPA/625/R-95/005) July 1996 – Abstract

Seminars, Bioremediation of Hazardous Waste Sites: Practical Approaches to Implementation (PDF) (232 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/625/K-96/001) May 1996 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Low-Flow (Minimal Drawdown) Ground Water Sampling Procedures (PDF) (12 pp, 144 KB) (EPA/540/S-95/504) April 1996

Summary Report, Control of NOx Emissions by Reburning (PDF) (79 pp, 5.7 MB) (EPA/625/R-96/001) February 1996 – Abstract

Project Summary, Site-Specific Characterization of Soil Radon Potentials (PDF) (6 pp, 39 KB) (EPA/600/SR-95/161) February 1996

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Project Summary, RAETRAD Version 3.1 User Manual (PDF) (4 pp, 291 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/195) January 1995

Process Design Manual, Land Application of Sewage Sludge and Domestic Septage (PDF) (301 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/625/R-95/001) September 1995

Manual, Bioventing Principles and Practice Volume II: Bioventing Design (PDF) (89 pp, 854 KB) (EPA/540/R-95/534b) September 1995

Manual, Bioventing Principles and Practice, Volume I: Bioventing Principles (PDF) (88 pp,2.4 MB) (EPA/540/R-95/534a) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Evaluation, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska (PDF) (18 pp, 448 KB) (EPA/540/R-95/533) September 1995

Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes, Research, Development, and Field Evaluations (PDF) (18 pp, 545 KB) (EPA/540/R-95/532) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Reilly Tar and Chemical Corporation Superfund Site (PDF) (132 pp, 1.9 MB) (EPA/540/F-95/506H) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Escambia Wood Preserving Site (PDF) (2 pp, 74 KB) (EPA/540/F-95/506G) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Public Service Company of Colorado (PDF) (2 pp, 64 KB) (EPA/540/F-95/506D) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Hill Air Force Base Superfund Site (PDF) (2 pp, 91 KB) (EPA/540/F-95/506C) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Eielson Air Force Base Superfund Site (PDF) (2 pp, 65 KB) (EPA/540/F-95/506B) September 1995

Bioremediation Field Initiative Site Profile: Libby Ground Water Superfund Site (PDF) (2 pp, 62 KB) (EPA/540/F-95/506A) September 1995

Combustion Modification Control of Nitrogen Oxides, Taking Research From Concept to Implementation (PDF) (9pp, 107 KB) (EPA/600/F-95/012) August 1995 – Abstract

Calcium Carbonate Dissolution Rate in Limestone Contactors (PDF) (111 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/R-95/068) July 1995 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids Compatibility With Materials Used in Well Construction, Sampling, and Remediation (PDF) (14 pp, 168 KB) (EPA/540/S-95/503) July 1995

Effect of pH, DIC, Orthophosphate, and Sulfate on Drinking Water Cuprosolvency (PDF) (107 pp, 778 KB) (EPA/600/R-95/085) June 1995 – Abstract

National Conference on Urban Runoff Management: Enhancing Urban Watershed Management at the Local, County, and State Levels (PDF) (460 pp, 7 MB) (EPA/625/R-95/003) April 1995 – Abstract

Manual, Ground Water and Leachate Treatment Systems (PDF) (132 pp, 9 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/005) January 1995 – Abstract

National Conference on Environmental Problem Solving with Geographic Information Systems (PDF) (330 pp, 17 MB) (EPA/625/R-95/004) – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Light Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids (PDF) (28 pp, 482 KB) (EPA/540/S-95/500) 1995

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Project Summary, Characteristics of School Buildings in the U.S. (PDF) (4 pp, 178 KB) (EPA/600/SR-93/218) January 1994

Project Summary, State Acid Rain Research and Screening System, Version 1.0, User’s Manual (PDF) (4 pp, 281 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/017) May 1994

Evaluation of Volatile Organic Emissions Data for Nonprocess Solvent Use in 15 Commercial and Industrial Business Categories (PDF) (82 pp, 2.3 MB) (EPA/600/R-94/019) February 1994

Project Summary, Experimental Investigation of PIC Formation During the Incineration of Recovered CFC-111 (PDF) (8 pp, 479 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/163) November 1994

Project Summary, Multiple Projections System (MPS), User’s Manual, Version 1.0 (PDF) (2 pp, 135 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/085) December 1994

Environmental Regulations and Technology, Managing Used Motor Oil (PDF) (84 pp, 7 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/010) December 1994 – Abstract

Project Summary, Replacing Solvent Cleaning With Aqueous Cleaning (PDF) (2 pp, 178 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/131) November 1994

EPA Ground Water Issue, Natural Attenuation of Hexavalent Chromium in Ground Water and Soils (PDF) (16 pp, 1.2 MB) (EPA/540/S-94/505) October 1994

Environmental Planning for Small Communities, A Guide for Local Decision Makers (PDF) (157 pp, 1.3 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/009) September 1994 – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Design, Operation, and Closure of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (PDF) (91 pp, 7 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/008) September 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Cleaner Technologies, Alternative Metal Finishes (PDF) (72 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/007) September 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Cleaner Technologies, Organic Coating Replacements (PDF) (96 pp, 5.5 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/006) September 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Septage Treatment and Disposal (PDF) (73 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/625/R-94/002) September 1994 – Abstract

Symposium on Natural Attenuation of Ground Water (PDF) (151 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/600/R-94/162) September 1994

Project Summary, Physical and Numerical Modeling of ASD Exhaust Dispersion Around Houses (PDF) (4 pp, 263 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/115) August 1994

Radon Prevention in the Design and Construction of Schools and Other Large Buildings (PDF) (50 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/016) June 1994 – Abstract

Project Summary, Application of Pulse Combustion to Incineration of Liquid Hazardous Waste (PDF) (2 pp, 106 KB) (EPA/600/SR-94/060) May 1994

Handbook, Control Techniques for Fugitive VOC Emissions From Chemical Process Facilities (PDF) (166 pp, 12 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/005) March 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Cleaner Technologies, Cleaning and Degreasing Process Changes (PDF) (46 pp, 4.7 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/017) February 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Cleaner Technologies, Alternatives to Chlorinated Solvents for Cleaning and Degreasing (PDF) (50 pp, 5.2 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/016) February 1994 – Abstract

Guide to Cleaner Technologies, Organic Coating Removal (PDF) (54 pp, 5 KB) (EPA/625/R-93/015) February 1994 – Abstract

Ground Water Sampling – A Workshop Summary, Dallas, Texas, November 30–December 2, 1993 (PDF) (158 pp, 1 MB) (EPA/600/R-94/205) 1994

Treatment Wetland Habitat and Wildlife Use Assessment and North American Treatment Wetland Database Version 2.0 (EPA/600/C-94/002) 1994 – Abstract

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Project Summary, Reference Manual for RASSMIT Version 2.1: A Sub-Slab Depressurization System Design Performance Simulation Program (PDF) (2 pp, 121 KB) (EPA/600/SR-93/027) April 1993

Project Summary, Experimental Investigation of PIC Formation in CFC-12 Incineration (PDF) (EPA/600/SR-93/078) (8 pp, 427 KB) June 1993

Nitrogen Control (PDF) (326 pp, 2 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/010) – Abstract

Handbook, Approaches for the Remediation of Federal Facilities Sites Contaminated With Explosive or Radioactive Wastes (PDF) (127 pp, 12 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/013) September 1993 – Abstract

R-EMAP, Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (PDF) (96 pp, 8.7 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/012) September 1993 – Abstract

Manual, Combined Sewer Overflow Control (PDF) (102 pp, 9 KB) (EPA/625/R-93/007) September 1993 – Abstract

Handbook, Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention and Control Planning (PDF) (186 pp, 13 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/004) September 1993 – Abstract

Use of Airborne, Surface, and Borehole Geophysical Techniques at Contaminated Sites, A Reference Guide (PDF) (304 pp, 2 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/007) September 1993 – Abstract

Project Summary, Characterization of the Organic Emissions From the Thermal Destruction of CFCs (PDF) (6 pp, 436 KB) (EPA/600/SR-93/103) August 1993

Guides to Pollution Prevention, Non-Agricultural Pesticide Users (PDF) (66 pp, 4.4 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/009) July 1993 – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Control of Lead and Copper in Drinking Water (PDF) (115 pp, 11 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/001) May 1993 – Abstract

Preventing Waterborne Disease, A Focus on EPA's Research (PDF) (23 pp, 670 KB) (EPA/640/K-93/001) April 1993 – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Wellhead Protection: A Guide for Small Communities (PDF) (155 pp, 16.4 MB) (EPA/625/R-93/002) February 1993 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Suggested Operating Procedures for Aquifer Pumping Tests (PDF) (23 pp, 681 KB) (EPA/540/S-93/503) February 1993

Investigation of Inappropriate Pollutant Entries Into Storm Drainage Systems, A User's Guide (PDF) (99 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/R-92/238) January 1993 – Abstract

Metals Treatment at Superfund Sites by Adsorptive Filtration (PDF) (25 pp, 365 KB) (EPA/540/R-93/515) 1993

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Project Summary, The 1985 NAPAP Emissions Inventory (Version 2), Development of the Annual Data and Modelers' Tapes (PDF) (6 pp, 458 KB) (EPA/600/S7-89/012) February 1992

Project Summary, Combustion Area Sources: Data Sources (PDF) (4 pp, 362 KB) (EPA/600/SR-92/197) December 1992

Project Summary, VOC Emission Reduction Study at the Hill Air Force Base Building 515 Painting Facility (PDF) (4 pp, 198 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/051) February 1992

Project Summary, Degreaser System Pollution Prevention Evaluation (PDF) (2 pp, 172 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/052) March 1992

Project Summary, Solvent Emission Reduction Study at Newark AFB, Ohio (PDF) (4 pp, 189 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/057) March 1992

Project Summary, Evaluation of Innovative Volatile Organic Compound and Hazardous Air Pollutant Control Technologies for U.S. Air Force Paint Spray Booths (PDF) (2 pp, 169 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/059) May 1992

Project Summary, A Performance Evaluation of a Variable Speed, Mixed Refrigerant Heat Pump (PDF) (4 pp, 191 KB) (EPA/600/SR-92/053) April 1992

Project Summary, Mobile Air-Conditioning Recycling Manual (PDF) (2 pp, 136 KB) (EPA/600/SR-92/171) December 1992

The National Rural Clean Water Program Symposium (PDF) (412 pp, 30 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/006) – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Organic Air Emissions From Waste Management Facilities (PDF) (132 pp, 10 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/003) – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Control of Biofilm Growth in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (PDF) (68 pp, 4.74 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/001) – Abstract

Effective Risk Management of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Workshop Newmedia CD (EPA/625/C-92/002) – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Behavior of Metals in Soils (PDF) (25 pp, 461 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/018) October 1992

Manual, Guidelines for Water Reuse (PDF) (262 pp, 19 MB) (EPA/625/R-92/004) September 1992 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Fundamentals of Ground Water Modeling (PDF) (11 pp, 141 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/005) April 1992

Ground Water Issue, Evaluation of Soil Venting Application (PDF) (7 pp, 132 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/004) April 1992

Ground Water Issue, In Situ Bioremediation of Contaminated Ground Water (PDF) (11 pp, 343 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/003) February 1992

General Methods for Remedial Operation Performance Evaluations (PDF) (45 pp, 440 KB) (EPA/600/R-92/002) January 1992

Ground Water Issue, TCE Removal From Contaminated Soil and Ground Water (PDF) (10 pp, 98 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/002) January 1992

Ground Water Issue, Chemical Enhancements to Pump-and-Treat Remediation (PDF) (20 pp, 318 KB) (EPA/540/S-92/001) January 1992

User's Guide to FLEX, Membrane Liner Advisory Expert System: Flex Version 3.0 (PDF) (90 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/600/C-92/006) 1992 – Abstract

User's Guide to CES Beta-Test Version 1.0, Closure Evaluation System; V-CES, Vegetative Cover Evaluation System; F-CES, Final Cover Evaluation System; L-CES, Leachate Collection Evaluation System (PDF) (70 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/600/C-92/005) 1992 – Abstract

User's Guide to Geosynthetic Modeling System: GM System Version 1.1 (EPA/600/C-92/004) 1992 – Abstract

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Project Summary, Emission Factors for Iron Foundries: Criteria and Toxic Pollutants (PDF) (4 pp, 210 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/044) January 1991

Handbook, Sub-Slab Depressurization for Low-Permeability Fill Material, Design and Installation of a Home Radon Reduction System (PDF) (64 pp, 2 MB) (EPA/625/6-91/029) – Abstract

Handbook, Control Technologies for Hazardous Air Pollution (PDF) (268 pp, 17 MB) (EPA/625/6-91/014) – Abstract

Radon-Resistant Construction Techniques for New Residential Construction, Technical Guidance (PDF) (56 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/625/2-91/032) – Abstract

Environmental Research Brief, Solubility, Sorption, and Transport of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals in Complex Mixtures (PDF) (15 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/600/M-91/009) March 1991 – Abstract

Guides to Pollution Prevention, The Automotive Repair Industry (PDF) (50 pp, 2.5 MB) (EPA/625/7-91/013) October 1991 – Abstract

Manual, Alternative Wastewater Collection Systems (PDF) (220 pp, 15 MB) (EPA/625/1-91/024) October 1991 – Abstract

Handbook, Material Recovery Facilities for Municipal Solid Waste (PDF) (168 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/625/6-91/031) September 1991 – Abstract

Always a River, Supplemental Environmental Education Curriculum on the Ohio River and Water, Grades K–12 (PDF) (322 pp, 14 MB) (AWBERC-91-09) September 1991 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Characterizing Soils for Hazardous Waste Site Assessments (PDF) (16 pp, 643 KB) (EPA/540/4-91/003) March 1991

Ground Water Issue, Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids (PDF) (21 pp, 2.6 MB) (EPA/540/4-91/002) March 1991

Ground Water Issue, Reductive Dehalogenation of Organic Contaminants in Soils and Ground Water (PDF) (12 pp, 144 KB) (EPA/540/4-90/054) January 1991

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Project Summary, Bench-Scale Studies to Identify Process Parameters Controlling Reburing With Pulverized Coal (EPA/600/S7-89/005) February 1990

Project Summary, Pulverized Coal Combustion: Pollutant Formation and Control, 1979–1980 (EPA/600/S8-90/049) July 1990

Project Summary, User’s Guide for the Conversion of Navy Paint Spray Booth Particulate Emission Control Systems From Wet to Dry Operation (PDF) (2 pp, 109 KB) (EPA/600/S2-90/008) May 1990

Project Summary, Investigation of Radon Entry and Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures in Seven Houses in New Jersey (PDF) (2 pp, 154 KB) (EPA/600/S7-90/016) January 1991

Summary Report, Optimizing Water Treatment Plant Performance With the Composite Correction Program (PDF) (116 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/625/8-90/017) March 1990 – Abstract

Ground Water Issue, Basic Concepts of Contaminant Sorption at Hazardous Waste Sites (PDF) (7 pp, 36 KB) (EPA/540/4-90/053) October 1990

Project Summary, A Model of Turbulent Diffusion Flames and Nitric Oxide Generation (PDF) (4 pp, 204 KB) (EPA/600/S7-90/003) May 1990

Project Summary, Design Report: Low-NOx Burners for Package Boilers (PDF) (8 pp, 361 KB) (EPA/600/S7-90/001) April 1990

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Project Summary, Development of a Vortex Containment Combustor for Coal Combustion Systems (PDF) (4 pp, 225 KB) (EPA/600/S7-89/003) October 1989

Project Summary, Experimental Investigation of Critical Fundamental Issues in Hazardous Waste Incineration (PDF) (3 pp, 167 KB) (EPA/600/S2-89/048) November 1989

Project Summary, Continuous Performance Monitoring Techniques for Hazardous Waste Incinerators (EPA/600/S2-89/021) August 1989

Municipal Waste Combustion Assessment: Combustion Control at Existing Facilities (PDF) (106 pp, 2 MB) (EPA/600/8-89/058) August 1989

Handbook, Operation and Maintenance of Hospital Waste Incinerators (PDF) (108 pp, 8 MB) (EPA/625/6-89/024) – Abstract

Handbook, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Procedures for Hazardous Waste Incineration (PDF) (90 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/625/6-89/023) January 1990 – Abstract

Seminar Publication, Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication of Drinking Water Contamination (PDF) (164 pp, 12 MB) (EPA/625/4-89/024) – Abstract

Technologies for Upgrading Existing or Designing New Drinking Water Treatment Facilities (PDF) (226 pp, 16 MB) (EPA/625/4-89/023) – Abstract

Storm and Combined Sewer Overflow: An Overview of EPA's Research Program (PDF) (60 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/600/8-89/054) 1989 – Abstract

Handbook, Guidance on Setting Permit Conditions and Reporting Trial Burn Results, Volume II of the Hazardous Waste Incineration Guidance Series (PDF) (224 pp, 17 MB) (EPA/625/6-89/019) January 1989 – Abstract

Project Summary, Continuous Performance Monitoring Techniques for Hazardous Waste Incinerators (EPA/600/S2-89/021) August

Superfund Ground Water Issue, Facilitated Transport (PDF) (5 pp, 57 KB) (EPA/540/4-89/003) August 1989

Superfund Ground Water Issue, Accuracy of Depth to Water Measurements (PDF) (3 pp, 20 KB) (EPA/540/4-89/002) March 1989

Superfund Ground Water Issue, Ground Water Sampling for Metals Analyses (PDF) (6 pp, 35 KB) (EPA/540/4-89/001) March 1989

Ground Water Issue, Performance Evaluations of Pump-and-Treat Remediation (PDF) (19pp, 798 KB) (EPA/540/4-89/005) 1989

Superfund Ground Water Issue, Contaminant Transport in Fractured Media: Models for Decision Makers (PDF) (6 pp, 677 KB) (EPA/540/4-89/004) 1989

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Application of Radon Reduction Methods (PDF) (111 pp, 3 MB) (EPA/625/5-88/024) August 1988

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Seminar Publication, Permitting Hazardous Waste Incinerators, Seminars for Hazardous Waste Incinerator Permit Writers, Inspectors, and Operators (PDF) (88 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/625/4-87/017) – Abstract

Limestone Bed Contactors for Control of Corrosion at Small Water Utilities (PDF) (221 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/600/2-86/099) February 1987 - Abstract | Project Summary (PDF) (pp, KB)

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Manual, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Electrostatic Precipitators (PDF) (486 pp, 15 MB) (EPA/625/1-85/017) September 1985

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Process Design Manual for Land Treatment of Municipal Wastewater (PDF) (488 pp, 23 MB) (EPA/625/1-81/013) October 1981 – Abstract

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Design Manual, Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems (PDF) (410 pp, 14 MB) (EPA/625/1-80/012) October 1980 – Abstract

Porous Pavement Phase I, Design and Operational Criteria (PDF) (104 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/600/2-80/135) August 1980 – Abstract

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Process Design Manual for Sludge Treatment and Disposal (PDF) (1152pp, 27 MB) (EPA/625/1-79/011) September 1979 – Abstract

Dual Process High-Rate Filtration of Raw Sanitary Sewage and Combined Sewer Overflows (PDF) (124 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/2-79/015) March 1979 – Abstract

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Capsule Report, Swirl Device for Regulating and Treating Combined Sewer Overflows (PDF) (120 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/625/2-77/012) 1977

Handling and Disposal of Sludges From Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment, Phase III – Treatability Studies (PDF) (268 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/053c) December 1977 – Abstract

Catchbasin Technology Overview and Assessment (PDF) (148 pp, 10 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/051) May 1977 – Abstract

Handling and Disposal of Sludges From Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment, Phase I – Characterization (PDF) (202 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/053a) May 1977 – Abstract

Handling and Disposal of Sludges From Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment, Phase II – Impact Assessment (PDF) (209 pp, 5 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/053b) December 1977 – Abstract

Nationwide Evaluation of Combined Sewer Overflows and Urban Stormwater Discharges – Volume II: Cost Assessment and Impacts (PDF) (388 pp, 17 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/064) March 1977 – Abstract

Microorgansims in Urban Stormwater (PDF) (200 pp, 12 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/087) July 1977 – Abstract

Procedures for Estimating Dry-Weather Pollutant Disposition in Sewerage Systems (PDF) (106 pp, 6 MB) (EPA/600/2-77/120) July 1977

Urban Stormwater Management and Technology: Update and Users’ Guide (PDF) (331 pp, 9 MB) (EPA/600/8-77/014) September 1977 – Abstract

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Proceedings of Workshop on Microorganisms in Urban Stormwater (PDF) (129 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/600/2-76/244) November 1976

Cost Estimating Manual – Combined Sewer Overflow Storage and Treatment (PDF) (140 pp, 8 MB) (EPA/600/2-76/286) December 1976 – Abstract

Design and Testing of a Prototype Automatic Sewer Sampling System (PDF) (112 pp, 4 MB) (EPA/600/2/76/006) March 1976 – Abstract

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An Assessment of Automatic Sewer Flow Samplers – 1975 (PDF) (356 pp, 17 MB) (EPA/600/2-75/065) December 1975 – Abstract

Sewer Flow Measurement, A State-of-the-Art Assessment (PDF) (440 pp, 23 MB) (EPA/600/2-75/027) November 1975 – Abstract

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