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 Appendix B, C, D


Appendix B: Requirements And Guidance

The use of the requirements in this appendix for developing QAPPs for various types/categories of projects for NRMRL is discussed in Section 2.1. Requirements for QMPs developed for NRMRL and NRMRL's Quality System specifications are also presented in this appendix. The use of these latter two sets of requirements is discussed in Chapter 4.

Requirements for Quality Management Plans (QMPs)

Requirements for NRMRL Quality System Specifications

QAPP Requirements

Appendix C: NRMRL Product QA/QC Verification Report Form

NRMRL Product QA/QC Verification Report Form (PDF) (1 p, 76 KB)

Appendix D: QA Review Form (QARF), QARF Instructions, and Attachment # 1 to the Statement of Work (SOW)

Quality Assurance Review Form (QARF) (PDF) (2 pp, 188 KB)

Quality Assurance Review Form (QARF) Instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 58 KB)

Attachment #1 to the Statement of Work (SOW) of All Projects Requiring QA Documentation (PDF) (2 pp, 67 KB)

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