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The primary goal of the EPA Quality System (i.e. QA Program) is to ensure that its environmental data are of sufficient quantity and quality to support the data's intended use. The EPA Quality System is defined by EPA Order 5360.1 A2 (May 2000) (re-numbered as CIO-2105-P-01-0) and described in the EPA Quality Manual 5360.1 A1 (May 2000). The Quality System is modeled after the national standard ANSI/ASQ E4.

The EPA Quality System requires that each EPA Office, Region, and Research and Development Laboratory or Center develop and implement supporting Quality Systems. National Risk Management Research Laboratory's (NRMRL) approach for implementing EPA Quality System requirements is described in the NRMRL Quality Management Plan (QMP).

The purpose of this website is to provide QMP information to contractors, assistance recipients, other federal agencies, and grantees on elements of NRMRL's Quality System. This information may be needed to effectively meet QA requirements defined in contracts, cooperative agreements, IAGs, or grants.

This website provides an electronic version of the NRMRL Quality Management Plan (eQMP). The eQMP is provided online so that the most current version of NRMRL's QMP is easily accessible to all NRMRL employees. To use the eQMP, use the table of contents to jump immediately to your section of interest. Use the back button in the browser or the QMP link on the left to return to the table of contents.

QMP Information

Quality Management Plan

Table of Contents

  Chapter 3: Personnel Qualifications and Training
  Chapter 6: Computer Hardware and Software
  Chapter 7: Planning
  Chapter 10: Quality Improvement
  Chapter 11: References

The following supplemental sections are provided on other pages:

If you have any suggestions for improvement to the NRMRL QA Program, please call Lauren Drees at (513) 569-7087, or email her at drees.lauren@epa.gov.

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