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Featured Resource

TEST – Toxicity Estimation Software Tool

TEST allows users to estimate toxicological and physical properties of a chemical from its molecular structure. It combines hierarchical clustering with a genetic algorithm approach to derive the predictive models.

Models and Tools

TEST – Toxicity Estimation Software Tool
PARIS III– Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents
WAR – Waste Reduction Algorithm
CAPE-OPEN – Computer-Aided Process Engineering, Metal Finishing Facility Pollution Prevention Tool
LCAccess – Life Cycle Assessment
TRACI – Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of Chemical and Other Environmental Impacts

Biofuels Chemical Assessment Tools Green Chemistry and Engineering Life Cycle Perspective Nanotechnology Sustainability Metrics Development Sustainable Watershed Management

Sustainable technology works to advance the scientific understanding, development, and application of technologies to address a variety of areas related to sustainability, including systems analysis, environmental management, clean processes, green chemistry, and green engineering.

Recent Publications

Karunanithi, A.T., A.S. Garmestani, T. Eason, and H. Cabezas. (2011). "The Characterization of Socio-Political Instability, Development, and Sustainability With Fisher Information." Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions, 21, 1: 77-84.

Mitsova, D., W.D. Shuster, and X. Wang. (2011). "A Cellular Automata Model of Land Cover Change to Integrate Urban Growth With Open Space Conservation." Landscape and Urban Planning, 99, 2: 141-153.

Bare, J. (2011). "Recommendation for Land Use Impact Assessment: First Steps Into Framework, Theory, and Implementation." Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 13, 1: 7-18.

Baruwati, B. and R. S. Varma. (2011). "Synthesis of N-Doped TiO2 Using Guanidine Nitrate: An Excellent Visible Light Photocatalyst ." Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11, 3: 2036-2041.

GEMS: Great Moments in Environmental Science

Tea, Wine, and a Cleaner Environment


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