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Risk Management Research

State-of-the-Science Technology Assessments – Water

States, local utilities, and the water industry rely on EPA’s water researchers to provide technical assistance on effective, reliable, and cost-effective techniques that can ensure water quality and safe drinking water.

Water risk management research integrates cost analysis with the expertise of chemical and environmental engineers, environmental and physical scientists, chemists, biologists, toxicologists, geneticists, microbiologists, and ecologists. These experts conduct research on managing contaminants in water supplies. The interdisciplinary teams also develop approaches to monitor, treat, characterize, protect, and restore impaired waterways and infrastructure. Our research ensures effective EPA response to public health emergencies involving our drinking water supply, both in the United States and around the globe.


Type Assessment Title
Drinking Water Interactive Workshop on Arsenic Removal From Drinking Water (EPA/625/C-05/004) 2005 | Abstract
Drinking Water Condition Assessment of Ferrous Water Transmission and Distribution Systems – State-of-Technology Review Report (EPA/600/R-09/055) June 2009 | Abstract
Drinking Water Speth, T.F. and M.R. Schock. (2007). “Removing Esoteric Contaminants From Drinking Waters: Impacts of Treatment Implementation.” Journal of Environmental Engineering, 133, 7: 665–669. July. (doi 10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9372(2007)133:7(665)) | Abstract
Drinking Water McCullough, K., D.A. Lytle, and T.J. Sorg. Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal (12 pp, 1.69 MB) (EPA/600/S-05/006) November 2005 | Abstract
Remediation Management and Treatment of Water From Hard-Rock Mines – Engineering Issue (PDF) (43 pp, 1.82 MB) (EPA/600/R-06/014) October 2006 | Abstract
Remediation Proceedings Report – Symposium on Cooling Water Intake Technologies to Protect Aquatic Organisms (477 pp, 19.7 MB) (EPA/625/C-05/002) March 2005 | Abstract
Wastewater Condition Assessment of Wastewater Collection Systems – State of Technology Review Report (EPA/600/R-09/049) May 2009 | Abstract
Wastewater Smith, J.E. and R.S. Reimers. (2006). “USA’s Practices for Controlling Pathogens in Biosolids.” In: Proceedings, Australian Water Association's Biosolids Specialty III Conference, Melbourne, Australia, June 7–8. | Abstract
Wastewater Nutrient Control Design Manual - State of Technology Review Report (EPA/600/R-09/012) January 2009 | Abstract
Wastewater Process Design Manual – Land Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Effluents (PDF) (194 pp, 6.91 MB) (EPA/625/R-06/016) September 2006 | Abstract
WasteWater Rehabilitation of Wastewater Collection and Water Distribution Systems – State of Technology Review Report (EPA/600/R-09/048) May 2009 | Abstract
Watershed Innovative Approaches for Urban Watershed Wet-Weather Flow Management and Control: State-of-the-Technology Review Report (PDF) (97 pp, 2.42 MB) (EPA/600/R-09/128) August 2009 | Abstract
Watershed Mayer, P.M. and T.J. Canfield. Research Shows Importance of Riparian Buffers for Aquatic Health (PDF) (1 pp, 148 KB) (EPA/600/F-07/004) June 2007 | Abstract
Watershed TMDL Model Evaluation and Research Needs (EPA/600/R-05/149) November 2005 | Abstract

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