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EPA Cincinnati Technology Collaboration and Transfer

Water Cluster Research Projects

On Jan. 23, 2012, the EPA Cincinnati water technology cluster team sent out an internal project proposal solicitation. A panel of 11 reviewers was asked to review the proposals and select those they believed showed the most promise of enhancing and strengthening the larger collaborative cluster effort within the region while promoting sustainable water management practices. Of the 43 submitted, 12 research projects were selected to be funded. Some of the proposals were also submitted for a market analysis, and four more projects were later added to be funded, including an Interagency Agreement (IA) with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). This brought the total number of funded projects, including the market analysis, to 17.

The proposals and market analysis studies being funded by the EPA Cincinnati water technology cluster team are listed below under the proper sub-category. A link to an abstract describing the research and including the appropriate EPA contact for the project can be found next to each project title.

Commercialization of EPA and private sector developed water technologies through partnerships with Cincinnati region based businesses and partners to further environmental protection and economic development.
  • Expanding Water Provider Access to CANARY through Commercialization (Abstract)
  • Field-Scale Demonstration of Real-Time Water Infrastructure Monitoring and Data Fusion Technology to Improve Operations and Enhance Security (Abstract)
  • Use of an Innovative Membrane Bioreactor for Sustainable Wastewater Reuse (Abstract)
  • Improvements, Field Evaluation, and Commercialization of EPA Method 1615 (Abstract)
  • Systems-Based Triple-Value Sustainability Assessment of Innovative Water Disinfection Technologies. (Abstract)
  • Developing and Commercializing Smart Water Platform—Sensor-Based Data-Driven Energy—Water Optimization in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (Abstract)
  • Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Harvesting and Non-Potable Use of Rain and Stormwater in Urban Settings. (Abstract) | (Meeting Summary Report (PDF)) (41 pp, 236 KB)
  • EPA ORD and AFRL Technology Research, Development, and Deployment Agreement (Abstract)
  • Peracetic Acid (PAA) as a Green Disinfectant (Abstract)
  • Waterline Charged Filter Membrane Technology (Abstract)
  • Thermo-Oxidation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge for Production of Class A Biosolids (Abstract)

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Analysis of market potential and commercialization opportunities for EPA developed water technologies.

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Turning Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) consent decrees and other urban water problems
into business opportunities on a regional basis.
  • Innovative Sensor Technology for Real-Time, Infiltration-Based Green Infrastructure Monitoring (Abstract)
  • Green Infrastructure Retrofit (Abstract)
  • Workshop to Facilitate Technology Development and Transfer to Citizen-Based Water Resource Monitoring Programs (Abstract)

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Creating new market opportunities for water technology commercialization and deployment
through simultaneous technology and policy development.
  • EPA Validation, Approval, and Commercialization of a Microbial Source Tracking Water Technology. (Abstract)
  • Implementing Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems for Treatment of Groundwater for Small-Medium Sized Utilities (Abstract)

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