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Aging Water Infrastructure

Research for Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Aging water infrastructure is one of our Nation's top water priorities. EPA research is focusing on increasing the life of drinking water and wastewater systems, determining the causes of system failures and finding ways to prevent future breakdowns.

Advanced Concepts

green roof on top of city building

Advanced Concepts is the use and combination of innovative infrastructure designs, management procedures, and operational approaches for a sustainable water infrastructure for future generations.

Condition Assessment

man inspecting pipe for defects

Almost all systems deteriorate with age or with use. Condition assessment is a way of checking if a system or component has deteriorated and needs preventive or corrective action.

System Rehabilitation

workers installing replacement pipe

System rehabilitation is the repair, renewal, and part replacement of a water system to near-original condition and operation.


pourous pavement demonstration

Collaboration is a method where EPA and other organizations work together to realize shared goals for the protection of human health and the environment.

Recent Publications

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Key Resources

US EPA. (2007). Research Plan - "Innovation and Research for Water Infrastructure for the 21st Century." (PDF) (80 pp, 300 KB) Publication No. 600/X-09/003.April 2007

US EPA. (2002). "The Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Gap Analysis." (PDF) (54 pp, 2.2 MB) Publication No. EPA/816/R-02/020)

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