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 Training and Technical Assistance

In October 2001, EPA announced that the final standard for arsenic in drinking water of 10 micrograms per liter (µg/L) would become effective in February 2002. As part of the announcement, EPA's administrator pledged $20 million during 2002 and 2003 for the research and development of more cost-effective treatment technologies, and to provide training and technical assistance to operators.Since then, EPA has presented workshops nationwide to provide in-depth treatment technology training so that drinking water systems are compliant with the new Arsenic Rule. The challenges include determining the best, lowest-cost technology for a system and finding money to fund the technology.

As they move into compliance, small-system operators face many challenges. In response to those challenges, EPA initiated the Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration Program in 2002 to evaluate performance, reliability, and cost of arsenic removal technologies and their impact on distribution systems. Under the program, full-scale demonstrations of commercially ready treatment technologies are conducted at selected public water supplies across the United States.

To assist states and water utility operators in meeting the new arsenic standard of
10 µg/L, EPA provides training and technical assistance materials such as software, design manuals, and webcasts. The items offered below provide practical information for states and operators as they move into compliance with the new Arsenic Rule.


Several training tools are available to educate water utility operators about arsenic treatment technologies and to assist the operators in choosing the appropriate arsenic treatment for their facilities.

Arsenic Virtual Trade Show

EPA has developed a web site that includes brief treatment technology descriptions, interactive decision trees, questions to ask engineers and vendors when choosing a treatment technology, and a searchable vendor database.

Interactive Training CD

The Interactive Workshop on the Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water is a companion CD to the 11 successful arsenic training events held in 2005. This CD features user-friendly navigation through the various types of arsenic treatment, including audio commentary from the nation's top experts. To order a copy, call 1-800-490-9198 and refer to EPA 625-C-05-004.

Evaluating Engineers and Vendors:
A Brochure for Drinking Water Systems

This brochure helps water utility operators navigate the process of selecting an appropriate arsenic treatment, engineering firm, and treatment vendor. It also provides basic information on available treatment technologies, estimated treatment installation and operation costs, as well as important questions to ask engineering firms and vendors when looking for the best treatment. To order a copy, call 1-800-490-9198 and refer to EPA 816-R-05-008.

Arsenic Treatment Technology Evaluation
Handbook for Small Systems

This handbook includes general arsenic treatment information, cost evaluation tools, and design considerations for specific treatment technologies. A series of process selection decision trees enables utility operators to make decisions about arsenic treatment approaches prior to considering design.

Arsenic Treatment Technology Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems (151 pp, 1.9 MB) (EPA/816/R-03/014) July 2003

The decision trees contained in this document were current when the handbook was published in 2003. They are still relevant and can provide a simple guide for selecting an arsenic treatment. However, since publication, EPA has slightly modified the trees to reflect changes in regulations and arsenic treatment technologies. The trees are intended for use as an iterative tool; users can work their way through the trees a number of times, modifying preferences and system-specific circumstances. There may not be a single solution. Further cost evaluation and assessment of other considerations, such as labor commitments, residual disposal, and available space, may be necessary.

Treatment DVDs

EPA has developed six short videos that showcase the real-world application of various arsenic treatment removal technologies. To order a copy, call 1-800-490-9198 and refer to EPA 816-C-05-005.

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Since 2002, EPA has offered training to water utility operators on arsenic removal technologies, best waste disposal options, and the process of choosing the most appropriate treatment technology. Following are presentations and transcripts from selected workshops, webcasts, and on-site training sessions

Workshop on Arsenic Removal Demonstration Program: Results and Lessons Learned – August 2006

In August 2006, NRMRL and the Office of Water hosted a workshop on EPA’s Arsenic Removal Demonstration Program. Information on the performance and costs of arsenic removal technologies was provided.

Workshop Brochure (PDF) (2 pp, 182 KB) (EPA/600/F-06/007) May 2006

Workshop Agenda

Arsenic On-Site Training – 2005

Following are presentations given at training workshops in April and May of 2005:

Arsenic Rule Jeopardy (PDF) (61 pp, 224 KB)

Introduction to Arsenic Mitigation Techniques and the Arsenic Mitigation Checklist (PDF) (134 pp, 6.19 MB)

Adsorption Technologies (PDF) (60 pp, 1.89 MB)

Iron and Manganese Removal Processes (PDF) (51 pp, 4.88 MB)

Arsenic Removal by Coagulation and Precipitation Processes (PDF) (64 pp, 537 KB)

Arsenic Removal by Ion Exchange (PDF) (52 pp, 4.80 MB)

Treatment Decision Exercises (PDF) (60 pp, 595 KB)

Arsenic Rule Webcast – December 1, 2004

Agenda (PDF) (1 pp, 66 KB)


An Overview of the Arsenic Rule (PDF) (15 pp, 400 KB)

Arsenic in the Environment: Health Effects and Risk Assessment (PDF) (20 pp, 164 KB)

Centrally Managed POU Treatment for Compliance With the Arsenic Rule Grimes Study (PDF) (31 pp, 918 KB)

The Financial Considerations of an Exemption (PDF) (8 pp, 275 KB)

Implementing a Point-of-Use (POU)/Point-of-Entry (POE) Strategy (PDF) (10 pp, 476 KB)

Point of Use and Point of Entry (PDF) (21 pp, 235 KB)

Questions and Answers From the Arsenic Rule Webcast (PDF) (14 pp, 72 KB)

Arsenic Rule Webcast – October 20, 2004

Agenda (PDF) (1 pp, 81 KB)


EPA Arsenic Rule Webcast (Introduction) (PDF) (2 pp, 272 KB)

Arsenic Implementation in NH (PDF) (15 pp, 133 KB)

Arsenic Removal During Iron Removal (PDF) (28 pp, 587 KB)

Treatment Options, Part 1 (PDF) (26 pp, 516 KB)

Update on EPA's Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration Program (PDF) (27 pp, 6.3 MB)

The Arsenic Rule, Waste Disposal Options (PDF) (12 pp, 370 KB) | Appendix (PDF) (4 pp, 188 KB)

Questions and Answers From the Arsenic Rule Webcast (PDF) (5 pp, 115 KB)

The Arsenic Rule: Background and Rule Provisions (PDF) (46 pp, 2 MB)

Primacy Revision Application, The Arsenic Rule (PDF) (18 pp, 125 KB)

Arsenic Rule, Small-Systems Implemention Strategy and Exemptions (PDF) (71 pp, 776 KB)

The Arsenic Rule, Compliance, Reporting, and Enforcement Issues (PDF) (72 pp, 2 MB)

Arsenic, Mitigation Strategies (PDF) (152 pp, 3 MB)

The Arsenic Rule: Water Treatment Plant Residuals, Issues in Management and Disposal (PDF) (56 pp, 489 KB)

Workshop on the Design and Operation of Adsorptive Media Processes for the Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water – August 2004

Arsenic Handout (agenda, speaker biographies, presentations, list of participants) (PDF) (300 pp, 11.5 MB)

Design Manual: Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water by Adsorptive Media (PDF) (96 pp, 2.73 MB) (EPA/600/R-03/019) March 2003


Adsorption Media for Arsenic Removal (PDF) (25 pp, 3.68 MB)

Adsorption Pre-Treatment Considerations (PDF) (39 pp, 980 KB)

Arsenic Occurrence and Co-Occurrence, Implications for Adsorptive Media Treatment (PDF) (29 pp, 304 KB)

Arsenic Treatment – Equipment Configuration (PDF) (25 pp, 1.65 MB)

Arsenic Treatment Systems – Design and Operation: Michigan's Approach (PDF) (30 pp, 892 KB)

Arsenic Removal From Drinking Water, Adsorption Media Handling (PDF) (15 pp, 1 MB)

Cost Estimating Program for Arsenic Removal by Small Systems (PDF) (16 pp, 122 KB)

Critical Design Considerations for Adsorptive Media for Arsenic Removal (PDF) (23 pp, 280 KB)

Fundamentals of Adsorption for Arsenic Removal From Water (PDF) (30 pp, 3.26 MB)

Isotherm Testing: Procedures and Application of Results (PDF) (32 pp, 536 KB)

Media Performance: Laboratory and Pilot Studies (PDF) (26 pp, 344 KB)

Media Performance: City of Mesa, AZ Experience (PDF) (30 pp, 768 KB)

Media Performance: Laboratory Studies (Impact of Water Quality Parameters on Adsorbent Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal) (PDF) (2 pp, 368 KB)

Operation and Monitoring of Adsorptive Arsenic Removal Systems (PDF) (20 pp, 496 KB)

Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Adsorptive Media for Arsenic Removal (PDF) (38 pp, 644 KB)

Rapid Small-Scale Column Test (RSSCT) – Procedures for Arsenic Studies and Application of Results (PDF) (37 pp, 1.12 MB)

Residuals, Quantities, Characteristics, and Disposal Options (PDF) (22 pp, 656 KB)

Round 1 Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration: Evaluation Approach (PDF) (25 pp, 692 KB)

Treatment Technology Products

The following treatment technology products provide practical information for states and water system operators.

Case Study – Arsenic Treatment Technologies, Scottsdale, AZ (PDF) (3 pp, 92 KB) (EPA/816/F-03/013) May 2003

Case Study – Arsenic Treatment Technologies, Tucson, AZ (PDF) (3 pp, 90 KB) (EPA/816/F-03/015) May 2003

Case Study – Arsenic Treatment Technologies, Southern California Water Company's Hollydale System in Paramount, CA (PDF) (3 pp, 454 KB) (EPA/816/F-03/014) May 2003

Case Study – Arsenic Treatment Technologies, Fairbanks, AK (PDF) (3 pp, 100 KB) (EPA/816/F-03/012) May 2003

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