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Water Quality Management Research

Research for Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Even as the quality of our water in the U.S. continues to improve, threats still exist. And new threats continue to emerge that could jeopardize our water systems. The quality of our nation’s water resources is vital to the environment, human health, and the economy. EPA Researchers are providing the methods, approaches, and tools needed to assess, restore, and protect water resources and provide measurable improvements in water quality.

Source Characterization and Control Research

This research provides the techniques and tools to classify, control, and manage sources of water quality damage. The characteristics of a damaging source are changed. This helps to prevent, reduce, or eliminate harmful effects.

Watershed Management Research

This research looks at restoring watersheds as opposed to regulating pollutants, sources, or local governments and industries. Researchers diagnose and predict what damages water quality; and select protective measures, apply them, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Water Quality Protection Research

This research is the development and use of water quality criteria to protect and restore water resources.

  • Pathogens
  • Nutrients
  • Emerging contaminants

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