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Although the Water Resource Adaptation Program (WRAP) is in its beginnings, benchmarks have been established for program success:

  • A final national infrastructure condition and adaptability assessment report by October 2008
  • Infrastructure Symposium for Global Change Adaptation 2008 (an event designed to obtain inputs on WRAP from stakeholders, including policy makers, national experts, and utility managers)
  • Infrastructure adaptation program outcome assessment by October 2013
  • A collection of publications, including recent conference proceedings, journal articles, and book chapters


January 6-7, 2009 - First National Expert and Stakeholder Workshop on Water Infrastructure Sustainability and Adaptation to Climate Change was held in Arlington, Virginia. Sponsored by the US EPA Office of Water & Office of Research and Development, the workshop was attended by more than 130 invited experts and stakeholders from the federal, research, utility, engineering, and academic sectors.

May 2008 – Dr. James Goodrich presented Innovative Technologies: Key to Environmental and Economic Progress at the 2008 Science Forum in Washington, DC, and discussed the WRAP research framework and work plans.

April 2008 – Dr. Y. Jeffrey Yang presented the results of research on adaptive engineering techniques and management methods at the Water Down Under 2008 Conference in Australia. He described the effects of global change on water resources in the United States and discussed corresponding adaptation strategies.

April 2008 – Dr. Yang presented studies on climate change and water resources at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Power Research, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. While in China, he also presented at the EPA/Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Bilateral Collaboration Workshop and identified research areas of mutual interests with Chinese scientists and scholars. Dr. Yang explored additional collaborative research opportunities with the Chinese University of Geoscience (College of Water and Environment), the China Institute of Geo-Environmental Monitoring (China Geological Survey), and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

February 2008 – Dr. Goodrich attended the Global Water Research Coalition Water and Energy Workshop in London, England.

January 2008 – EPA’s Global Change Research Program completed the draft Multi-Year Plan for the 2008–2013 period. WRAP research is incorporated into the water quality section on water resource adaptations.

October 2007 – Dr. Goodrich attended the Electric Power Research Institute Conference on Energy and Water Conservation (EPRI 2007) in Palo Alto, California.


Dr. Y. Jeffrey Yang, P.E., D.WRE (513) 569-7655

Dr. James A. Goodrich (513) 569-7605

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