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New Source Review

State and Local Permitting Authority Responses to Tailoring Rule Request (60-day Letters)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.


Alaska (PDF) (2pp, 916k)


Arkansas (PDF) (3pp, 130k)


Colorado (PDF) (2pp, 485k)

Connecticut (PDF) (3pp, 1.0 MB)

Delaware (PDF) (1pg, 34k)

Florida (PDF) (1pg, 65k)

Georgia (PDF) (2pp, 1.7 MB)

Hawaii (PDF) (2pp, 61k)

Idaho (PDF) (1pg, 47k)

Illinois (PDF) (2pp, 630k)

Indiana (PDF) 2pp, (134k)

Iowa (PDF) (2pp, 82k)

Kansas (PDF) (2pp, 140k)


Louisiana (PDF) (7pp, 313k)

Maine (PDF) (1pg, 270k)

Maryland (PDF) (3pp, 48k)

Massachusetts (PDF) (2pp, 132k)

Michigan (PDF) (2pp, 134k)

Minnesota (PDF) (2pp, 42k)

Mississippi (PDF) (1pg, 53k)

Missouri (PDF) (3pp, 194k)

Montana (PDF) (1pg, 47k)



New Hampshire (PDF) (3pp, 2.4 MB)

New Jersey (PDF) (2pp, 64k)

New Mexico

New York (PDF) (3pp, 727k)

North Carolina

North Dakota (PDF) (1pg, 48k)

Ohio (PDF) (2pp, 415k)

Oklahoma (PDF) (1pg, 263k)

Oregon (PDF) (1pg, 84k)


Puerto Rico (PDF) (2pp, 50k)

Rhode Island (PDF) (1pg, 39k)

South Carolina (PDF) (2pp, 131k)

South Dakota (PDF) (1pg, 46k)


Texas (PDF) (6pp, 89k)

Utah (PDF) (1pg, 30k)

Vermont (PDF) (8pp, 212k)

Virgin Islands (PDF) (1pg, 671k)

Virginia (PDF) (1pg, 50k)

Washington (PDF) (1pg, 49k)

West Virginia (PDF) (2pp, 1.4 MB)

Wisconsin (PDF) (1pg, 72k)

Wyoming (PDF) (1pg, 43k)


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